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Global Women’s Business Summit (GWBS) – Talk Show

As an International Publication Partner, Womenlines is delighted to share about the upcoming summit Global Women’s Business Summit (GWBS) from 27-29 Nov by Confederation of Indian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (CIMSME)!

Confederation of Indian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (CIMSME) is organising a Global Women’s Business Summit (GWBS) from 27 to 29 Nov’20. This summit will create a platform for women to connect across the globe, Opportunities to build their business and, strong national and international tie-ups.

Building on the theme ‘Business Inclusiveness & Sustainability for Global Economic Empowerment’, the GWBS 2020 offers a global platform to influence policies and foster partnerships that further women’s positive impact. The Forum will engage over 5,000 attendees, including global leaders, experts, policymakers, successful entrepreneurs and startup mentors who will come together to educate, communicate and interact with our women entrepreneurs & delegates from across India and abroad to co-create a platform called GWBS- which would work with one single objective: to promote and support women entrepreneurship across the globe.

GWBS team is unveiling the precursor to the Global Women’s Business Summit, through a talk show today by women beind the Summit.


Wednesday – 4th November 2020

7:30 PM- 8:30 PM SGT ( 5 PM to 6 PM IST)

Please find the below-given registration link for the talk show


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