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HER Courage Awards Celebrates Women in Innovation

HER Courage Award

HER Courage Award Winner Inspires Globally

In a whirlwind of emotions, I am deeply honored to share my experience of receiving the HER Courage Award at the inaugural Her Courage Leaders Summit presented by Class Living. Held at the esteemed ERA APAC Centre in Singapore, this award recognizes women entrepreneurs driving innovation, social change, and setting new benchmarks for social responsibility. Join me as I reflect on the profound impact of this recognition and the enriching insights gained from this transformative summit.

The flood of emotions within me—deep humility, pure delight, profound inspiration, immense motivation, and sheer amazement—has left me overflowing with gratitude after receiving the HER Courage Award at the inaugural Her Courage Leaders Summit, presented by Class Living. This prestigious award ceremony held at the esteemed ERA APAC Centre in Singapore celebrated remarkable women in the domains of Innovation & Technology, Finance & Wealth, and Business & Entrepreneurship, recognizing those who push boundaries, champion positive change, and set new standards for social responsibility.

To be among the ten exceptional recipients chosen for this honor is truly humbling. Winning this award signifies not just personal achievement but also a validation of the dedication and hard work poured into my entrepreneurial journey. The recognition has fueled my self-belief and ignited an even stronger desire to achieve greater milestones. As the founder of Womenlines, I am committed to continuing the mission of publishing enriching content focused on women’s personal growth and advocating for female entrepreneurs globally.

The Her Courage Leaders Summit, where the award was presented, was an incredible source of motivation and learning. The summit featured insightful panel discussions covering a wide range of topics—from finance and wealth management to business intricacies and the evolving landscape of tech and innovation. Each conversation offered invaluable wisdom and guidance, empowering all attendees on their paths to success.

Events like the Her Courage Leaders Summit are instrumental in fostering connections and community among women entrepreneurs and industry experts. They provide a platform for exchanging knowledge, experiences, and ideas, essential for personal and professional growth. A special highlight was Dr. Naomi Dowdy’s enlightening talk on mentorship and leadership, which resonated deeply and served as the perfect conclusion to an enriching day.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Lilian Ong and her exceptional team for orchestrating such a fantastic event. The summit undoubtedly made a lasting impact on all who attended, providing insights and inspiration that will continue to resonate in our journeys as entrepreneurs. It was an honor to be in the presence of Guest of Honour Ms. Gan Siow Huang, Minister of State, and Keynote Speaker Hon. Penny Low, former Member of Parliament, whose presence added immense value to the summit.

Lastly, I congratulate all the nominees and fellow winners who are doing phenomenal work in their respective fields. The summit provided a wonderful opportunity to connect with passionate women entrepreneurs, each chasing their dreams and building incredible ventures. The camaraderie and energy among like-minded women striving for excellence were truly inspiring.

In conclusion, winning the HER Courage Award at the Her Courage Leaders Summit was a profound honor and an affirmation of my dedication to empowering women globally. This recognition has reignited my commitment to Womenlines, where I aim to continue promoting personal growth and advocating for female entrepreneurs.

The summit, with its insightful discussions and esteemed speakers, served as a wellspring of motivation and knowledge-sharing. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the organizers, attendees, and fellow nominees for making this event a memorable celebration of women’s achievements and aspirations. Let us continue to inspire and support each other on our journeys to success.

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