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How Hormone Imbalance has a Direct Connection to Leadership Performance

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Womenlines takes pleasure to share about Leadership Coach Sally Anderson as a guest influencer for Leadership at Womenlines panel from New Zealand. Sally has privately coached key influencers internationally: CEO’s/executive teams/C-Suite forums/entrepreneurs/celebrities/politicians/millionaires/billionaires over 20 years. This week Sally is sharing insights about how hormone imbalance can impact leadership performance-

With 3 decades in the leadership trenches, it amazes me how the topic of ‘hormone imbalance’, is not communicated more given the impact it has on one’s ability to perform. We talk about every other aspect of what impacts performance in leadership but rarely if ever, is hormone imbalance mentioned/addressed or spoken about.

When most people hear about hormone imbalance it’s typical to think more of women, menopause, and body changes. But men also may develop hormone imbalances that can result in some severe health changes during the ageing process. Hormone imbalance in men is a very common but underreported condition.

The stigma of even raising a topic of this nature in the context of leadership is absolutely foreign. The number#1 question I usually ask of my female clientele is ‘when was the last time you had a hormone test’, knowing that most women, in my opinion, are completely ‘out’ hormonally and don’t know it!

I watched a stunning documentary last night entitled, Sex, Myths and Menopause. Check out this article by Channel 4, a documentary Davina McCall who aims to shine a light on menopause, in an open and honest way. The show hopes to launch a frank discussion about what the transition is really like for women and break the taboo around it, including talking about symptoms and treatments.


This documentary is frightening given what it highlights for women but it also got me thinking about male hormone imbalance and how it is not spoken about, recognised, or addressed. The leadership domain is hard enough when you are operating at optimum health let alone when you are not. This article is as relevant for women to read as it is for men because the more awareness around these topics, the better informed we will ALL be.

So what’s your point Sally in raising all of this? If we are to acknowledge that the collective performance of the executive team has an impact on the organisation’s culture, to what degree are you aware of whether your executive team, CEO included are looking after themselves from a health perspective? Within the legal human resource boundaries, what steps are being taken to understand the collective health of your executive team? 

Business is personal folks whether we wish to admit it or not. Obviously discussing aspects of this nature is VERY sensitive and needs to be managed with care but hell why on earth is there not more transparency given the impact YOUR performance or lack thereof has on the collective?

How many of you and or your executive team:

  1. Get regular annual full health check-ups
  2. Get a blood test done every 3 months
  3. Have had a full hormone test
  4. Have had a full allergy test
  5. Exercise regularly?
  6. Maintain a healthy food regime
  7. Get regular pap smears, mammograms, prostrate, and diabetes checks regularly
  8. Maintain good weight/bodyfat percentage

How could the collective support each other to address this area and how could you bring more transparency to the importance of asking – manage obviously whatever you need to form a human resource perspective but if operating at optimum performance is the name of the game, not asking is avoiding the obvious. Sometimes you need to interrupt the frenetic energy of busyness and have real and frank discussions – do things differently, and get a different result. We as humans are complex, each individual has a responsibility to perform at their best especially if they are in charge of other human beings.

Consider this today, if everyone from the top down were operating at their optimum how would this impact your bottom line – food for thought today?

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Sally Anderson

Sally Anderson

Sally Anderson

CEO/C-Suite Leadership Coach

Sally partner’s CEO’s/C-Suite Leadership Executives/Key Influencers Achieve Unprecedented ‘Sustainable’ RESULTS!


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