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How India Diversity Forum is Creating Inclusive Workplaces in India?

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Womenlines online magazine takes pleasure to support India Diversity Forum (IDF), India’s first and only industry body working towards creating awareness about Diversity and Inclusion in the Indian context. In the interview shared above Head of Management Committee, IDF, Rishi Kapoor is highlighting how the IDF team is working towards creating an inclusive workplace across India and what challenges they are facing. IDF goals include women’s employment, equal opportunities for women, pay parity, team sensitization etc.

Rishi Kapoor is a seasoned media professional with 2 decades of experience. He has worked in past with top companies like Bennet& Colman,(times group), HT Media, IDG media etc. He is instrumental in creating Intellectual properties which are sustainable and outcome driven eventually that leads to change and creating an impact on society. He is currently the Head of the Management Committee, India diversity forum. He is one of the partners in Sapphire Human Solutions and started his own business unit – Sapphire Connect and is passionate about D&I hence he is the Management Head of Committee IDF.

India Diversity Forum (IDF) is an independent industry body formed to spread awareness and bring single-minded focus to the discussion around diversity and inclusion in India at the company, government and national levels. IDF, through its ten industry councils that will have organisations of specific ecosystems as their members, will focus on gender diversity including the LGBTQ+ community, disability, multi-generational diversity, cognitive diversity, women’s employment, pay parity, safety and wellbeing of employees, team sensitisation, sharing and rewarding of best practices and equal opportunity employment among other issues.

The IDF team is on a mission to eliminate discrimination at workplaces on account of gender, region, language, religion, caste, class, occupation, background, disabilities, race, age and sexual orientation by facilitating and guiding organizations to build an environment of equality and diversity. The team is having the vision to create a place free of discrimination in the workplace and for India to be a beacon of diversity and inclusion for the rest of the world.

Diversity means understanding that each individual is unique, accepting it and valuing the contribution and perspective they bring in. Diversity is not just giving people of different preferences, backgrounds and beliefs a job. It also means respecting them for the value they bring in. This, however, is easier said than done. A lot happens at workplaces that tell us that all is not as well in offices as we would believe it to be regarding diversity. A good Human Resources department would not only employ people with diverse backgrounds but also ensure that the organization and its workforce imbibe the true meaning of diversity and inclusion and apply it in their behaviour and conduct. In fact, a good HR department takes efforts to sensitise its people to issues relating to diversity. That is the reason a forum is needed that acts as the catalyst for bridging the various gaps. That is why a forum like India Diversity Forum is the need of the hour.

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