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How To Advocate for Yourself: Asking for a Promotion

asking for a promotion

Asking for a promotion is challenging but essential. If you need help approaching the subject with your boss, check out these tips to get you started.

It’s well known that fewer women are in executive positions than men. With every promotion, we work to close that gap. If you feel it’s time to ask for a promotion, it’s essential to advocate for yourself with confidence. Here’s how.

Make Sure You’re Ready

You will feel more confident if you’re thoroughly prepared and know exactly what you’re bringing to the table. If you’ve done the self-analysis and are sure you’re ready for a promotion, you’re already part of the way there.

It’s also a wise idea to practice your pitch, so you don’t forget what you’re going to say or stumble during your conversation due to nerves.

Tell Them Why

You’ll want to focus not on what your promotion can do for you but on what it will do for the company. Explain the value that your promotion will provide. What fresh perspectives and experience can you bring to the role?

Bringing concrete examples of how your past work has benefited the company is a good idea. Provide direct actions you have taken that have increased profit, client numbers, or productivity. The most important thing to a corporation is money—they don’t care that you organized the holiday party. Telling them that you’ve directly increased their sales is the quickest way to get them to listen and give you the promotion you deserve.

Explain Your Vision

If you have innovative ideas regarding what you would do if given the role, explain those. Your fresh eyes can see things that individuals who have been in charge for years won’t be able to see. Suggest new ideas and policies, then explain how they would increase productivity, profits, or employee satisfaction.You have great ideas and the drive to carry them out. Be confident and make sure the people in charge give them a chance! Advocating for yourself can be scary, but it’s essential to get the promotion you deserve. You’ve got this.

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