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How to Build Confidence in Kids?

how to build confidence in kids

Womenlines takes pleasure to welcome guest contributor  Vijayalakshmi Veluchamy, founder, Public speaking mentor @ Jump Out Kids – a venture in building a confident next generation. She is also a Senior Recruitment Consultant by profession. This month Vijaya is sharing insights  about how to raise confident kids?

It’s so truly quoted that “Your confidence introduces you before you even speak”.

Such is the aura and vibration that self-confidence creates around you. 

It’s the most beautiful attribute a child can carry all along their life, we as parents can help our children develop and boost their self-confidence from a very early age through many simple and effective ways.

How to build Confidence in kids?

Be their model:

Children learn through seeing, so let them genuinely see you positively handle situations, problems and people.

At times as parents when you are low on your own self-confidence, nervous or anxious, do openly confront it to the kids and let them know how you plan to face it positively with courage. These insights acknowledge them that it’s ok to have negative, low feelings but we try to come out of it positively. This instils self-confidence in kids

Praise them at the right moment in the right way: 

Daily over doses of phrases like “ Good Job”, “Well Done”, “Very Good” does no good for your child. Genuine, specific praise at the right moment describing their exact act is the most effective way of praising a child.

For Example: 

“I appreciate the way you helped your friend when he got hurt, that’s so kind of you”

This is the right way to praise a child rather than just saying “Good Job”.

This signals the child to continue to do the act that he was praised for, inculcating many such good behaviors with the right praise develops their confidence.

Age appropriate decisions, opinions, advice:

It’s not always true that we as parents have the best solutions for all situations, consider asking the kids for advice, opinions and suggestions where possible, make them feel important ,implement their ideas, solutions if it is feasible.

This gives them the confidence that they can positively contribute to make a change, resolve an issue or help a person. Most importantly the feeling that their words, actions, ideas, thoughts matter, nurtures their self-confidence manyfold.  

New Experiences:

Giving them the time and opportunity to explore various skills and life experiences is the responsibility of the parent. This helps them to understand their strengths, inner passion and explore their area of interest. Each time they attempt to learn a new skill, they try to overcome their initial fear, anxiety and move ahead in acquiring the skill and gradually excelling in the skill. This actually builds their confidence.

Unconditional Love:

Your unconditional love is the base on which their confidence is built. Make it very clear that you love them the way they are, no matter what they can do or can not do. The way we see our children has a great impact on the way they see themselves.

Appreciate their efforts no matter what the results turns out to be, encourage them, be their biggest support, avoid unwanted comparisons, criticisms and shaming, Instead load their life with positive thoughts, love, acceptance, hugs, high fives, back pats and watch the little one gradually grow into a confident adult.

how to build confidence in kids

Vijayalakshmi Veluchamy

Founder, Public speaking mentor @ Jump Out Kids – a venture in building a confident next generation. I am also a Senior Recruitment Consultant by profession. I love following my dreams and passion as I strongly believe if you can dream it, you can do it.

Visit Jump Out Kids fb page to know details !

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