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How To Determine Which Type of Packaging Your Products Need

Packaging your products

Determining which type of packaging your products need can be tricky. Use our list of factors to help you choose a packaging solution for your products.

When it comes to packaging products, your business can choose between many different materials and configurations. These include paperboard and corrugated boxes, folding and rigid cartons, poly bags, Styrofoam containers, etc. With various materials to choose from, how should you determine which type of packaging your products need? Keep reading for an in-depth look at the factors you should consider when finding the appropriate packaging for your products.

Set a Budget First

Before you even consider the package’s material, size, or design, you must set a budget to avoid overspending. While you want the best protection for your products, you must stay within your budget. Otherwise, you could run out of expenses for other essential business endeavors or purchases. For example, glass containers are much more expensive to purchase, so you might want to use wood or cardboard in the meantime until you can increase your budget.

Durability for Transportation

A large component of choosing your packaging involves considering how durable the carton needs to be to protect what’s inside. If the package were to go through damage during transportation, would it still keep your product safe? For example, you could consider the reasons businesses use rigid carton packaging. It’s highly durable, easy to use, and attention-grabbing.

Keep in mind the type of product you’re packaging and what materials are best for keeping that item safe until it reaches the customer. For instance, if you sell coffee mugs, dense Styrofoam or corrugated cardboard with bubble wrap is perfect for preventing breakage.

Consider Sustainability

Sustainability and improving our environment is a trend you’ll see companies enacting in their businesses this year. Using sustainable packaging reduces your carbon footprint and waste, increases sales, and brings social responsibility to your business. In fact, with an upswing in sustainable trends, we’re finding that companies that adopt this strategy are outperforming the businesses ignoring this movement.

Customer Appeal

Aside from being more sustainable and using durable materials, you must also keep in mind the appeal your packaging has to customers. Plain packaging with little to no labels or branding will look bland on the shelves or your website, making customers less likely to purchase the items within. You should optimize your packaging to protect your products and market them to potential customers. Consider colour, imagery, wording, and other features when determining which type of packaging your products need. While selling your physical products is the goal, you can’t achieve this without the proper packaging. The design and materials you choose could make or break whether an item sells. You may need to go through trial and error before finding the perfect solution. Remember, you can always exchange your packaging for new materials as you develop your strategy.

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