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Insights About AI-Powered Digital Marketing Mastery

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Introducing under Business show at Womenlines- Unveiling the Power of AI-Powered Digital Marketing Mastery with Sotirios P. Seridis.

In a captivating conversation filled with knowledge and expertise, Digital Marketing & Analytics Instructor, Sotirios P. Seridis from Dubai, took center stage to enlighten us on the world of Powered Digital Marketing Mastery. This insightful talk show delved into the new strategies and tactics that are revolutionizing the digital marketing landscape.

With years of experience under his belt and a profound understanding of the industry, Sotirios shared invaluable insights and practical tips on how businesses can leverage the power of AI and digital marketing to maximize their online presence. Sotirios guided us through the intricacies of essential elements, enabling us to unlock the full potential of our digital marketing efforts.

Through the talk show, Sotirios is providing a comprehensive roadmap for success in the ever-evolving digital realm. His passion for the subject and his commitment to empowering professionals shone through as he seamlessly intertwined theory with real-world examples, making complex concepts accessible to all.


Digital Marketing Expert Sotirios P. Seridis

Meet Sotirios, the Digital Marketing & Analytics Instructor empowering companies to optimize their marketing investments! Digital Marketing & Analytics Instructor, teaching companies how to make every marketing dollar smarter. With a wealth of experience from his tenure at three renowned media agencies – HAVAS, Mediacom, and PHD – Sotirios has honed his expertise in major global hubs: London, Dubai, and Singapore.

Throughout his career, he has successfully managed numerous digital campaigns and spearheaded the establishment of two digital performance departments. His portfolio includes collaborations with a diverse range of local and multinational companies, including industry giants like Unilever, Volkswagen, and Etihad Airways. Not only is Sotirios passionate about working with established companies, but he is also a staunch supporter of startups. He actively contributes to their growth and success, providing valuable guidance as they navigate their journey.

Currently, as the founder of XYZ Lab, Sotirios continues to share his knowledge and expertise through a digital marketing training platform tailored for industry professionals.

Follow Sotirios on his mission to make marketing strategies smarter and more effective, as he empowers professionals and businesses alike to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape!


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