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Milieu Insight and FemTech Association Asia Launch Groundbreaking Research Providing Insights into the Femtech Landscape in Southeast Asia


Singapore, 21 May 2024 : Milieu Insight, the award-winning survey software company, in Southeast Asia, and FemTech Association Asia, the region’s  first and largest specialist largest advisory and industry network with a core focus on improving women’s health through technology solutions, are thrilled to announce their strategic research partnership culminating in the release in June 2024 of the much-anticipated 2024 report titled “Insights into the Femtech Landscape in Southeast Asia.”

This groundbreaking report delves deep into various facets of femtech adoption, awareness, and attitudes across six key countries in Southeast Asia: Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, The Philippines, and Vietnam.

The comprehensive study encompasses a wide array of topics including Femtech Awareness & Familiarity, Usage and Spending Habits Among Current Femtech Users, Future Intentions of Femtech Non-Users, Women’s Health Education, Openness in Discussing Women’s Health Issues, Media Influence, Religious Inuence, Maternal & Reproductive Health, and Hormonal Health (Menopause). Worth highlighting is the first ever quantified measure of consumer value for femtech for each of the included markets.

As femtech continues to emerge as a pivotal sector in healthcare, this report serves as a crucial resource for stakeholders, policymakers, and industry players seeking to understand and address the unique consumer perspectives within the Southeast Asian femtech landscape.

Key Findings from the Report Include:

  • Insights into the level of awareness and familiarity with Femtech solutions across different demographics.
  • Analysis of usage patterns and spending habits among current Femtech users, shedding light on preferences and trends.
  • Future intentions of Femtech non-users, providing valuable insights for market expansion and outreach strategies.


  • Examination of maternal & reproductive health issues and the role of technology in addressing them.
  • Understanding hormonal health concerns, particularly menopause, and the demand for innovative solutions.

“We are excited to partner with FemTech Association Asia to unveil these comprehensive insights into the femtech landscape in Southeast Asia,” said Juda Kanaprach, Co-Founder and CCO at Milieu Insight. “This report not only highlights the current state of femtech adoption but also lays the groundwork for future advancements and collaborations in improving women’s health outcomes across the region.”

“Empowering women to own their healthcare journey by leveraging technology is at the core of our mission at FemTech Association Asia,” said Lindsay Davis, Founder of FemTech Association Asia. “The fndings of this report will not only inform our advisory and advocacy efforts but also inspire innovation and investment in femtech solutions tailored to the unique needs of this region.”

Findings from this report will be presented by Kanaprach at FemTech Connect Asia, the pioneering roundtable event, where women’s health and innovation converge in Asia. On 20 & 21 June 2024 in Singapore, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, multinational corporate executives, investors and enthusiasts from across Asia will gather with a focus on the femtech – or women’s health and technology – industry.

The “Insights into the Femtech Landscape in Southeast Asia” report is now available for download on the Milieu Insight website.

For media inquiries or to request further information, please contact: Lindsay Davis


FemTech Association Asia info@femtechassociation.com

For more information about FemTech Connect Asia, please visit:


About Milieu Insight:

Milieu Insight is Southeast Asia’s award-winning market research and data analytics company helping businesses thrive in a data-driven world of rapid change, where the need for reliable, quick information to make strategic decisions has never been greater.

Milieu Insight believes in the transformative power of going beyond insights, driven by a passion to understand people – how they think, feel and act.


About FemTech Association Asia:

Founded in October 2021, FemTech Association Asia is the region’s first and largest specialist advisory and industry network for founders, professionals, investors and enthusiasts focused on improving women’s health through technology solutions. This award-nominated organisation currently represents over 75 FemTech companies across nine countries in Asia.


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