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Navigating the Road to Excellence in Leadership: The Power of Staying in Your Lane


Cultivating leadership by embracing the uniqueness of your chosen lane requires effort. When you know ‘your lane’ and OWN ‘your lane’ you do not have interference or traffic/noise hindering your performance. I am beyond vigilant about staying in ‘my lane’. I know what I am good at and I know what I am not good at, and I choose to associate myself with the best of the best such that when something is outside of ‘my lane’ I delegate to these associates.

Working solely in your lane enhances your expertise, keeps you in the slipstream, has you in alignment with working your strengths and has you strengthen the definition in the muscle (using this as an analogy). When working in your lane YOU ARE NOT PREOCCUPIED with what others are doing in their lane. You DO NOT compare yourself to others for you are too busy honouring your own lane.

It takes something to stay in ‘your lane’ for there are often distractions that can take you off course.

Top 25 Examples:-

1.    Being a ‘yes’ person and not honouring the power of saying ‘no’

2.    DOING activity that does not forward YOUR game

3.    Using ‘busyness’ as an excuse to avoid prioritising what is important

4.    Taking business that is not in alignment with your chosen lane – if you continue to take business that is not in alignment with what you want you will never transition to have your future be what you want it to be

5.    Being overwhelmed by your ‘to do’ lists and not honouring your personal boundaries

6.    Being a slave to your diary instead of designing the ‘ideal work week’

7.    Consistently not meeting your financial targets because you continually sabotage your business by doing an activity that is NOT revenue generating

8.    Spending time worrying about what others are doing in your sector

9.    Saying yes to networking meetings that produce no results, for you!

10. Feeling obliged to meet with people who approach you that you know can do NOTHING to forward your game

11. Not having clarity on what you do, what is unique about your offering

12. Not knowing how to articulate what you do with mastery

13. Spending time worrying, projecting, hanging out in lower level energy and not taking responsibility to shift state

14. Complaining and not doing anything about it

15. Being out of alignment in your life with what you say you value – being out of alignment = conflict – if you want no conflict, get into alignment with what matters to you!

16. Hanging out in vagueness, confusion as to what to do

17. Not operating with a sense of urgency, hunger, passion for what you do

18. Not charging in accordance with your worth

19. Sabotaging your earning potential by discounting everything

20. Being ineffective with your time management, diary management, working to plan

21. Hanging out with people who do not serve you

22. Tolerating drama

23. Tolerating a lack of traction

24. Listening to the naysayers

25. Selling out to your inner critic

If you allow ANYTHING to distract you from ‘your lane’, it will hinder the speed with which you can reach your desired destination! So what do I recommend? – Here’s my Top 25 Recommendations:-

1.    Know what your lane is!

2.    Know your ‘why’!

3.    Honour ‘your lane’ like your life depended on it!

4.    Do not deviate from ‘your lane’!

5.    Know how to articulate what you do and your point of difference with gusto

6.    Stand out, OWN your space

7.    View being a disruptor as a positive trait for no change can occur if you stay safe

8.    As a change agent you must embrace confrontation, resistance and uncomfortability as your ‘new norm’. Lean in, constantly

9.    Do things differently A LOT

10. Get support, stop being a martyr to your life and business

11. Walk your talk, stop being a hypocrite

12. Walk your values!

13. Who you hang out with speaks to your standards…set the standards HIGHER than HIGH

14. DO THE WORK, if anything in your past is hindering your future then get the healing quick smart!

15. Leverage your network, what is the point of having a network if you do not leverage their support

16. Ask for help, allow contribution, make requests of people DAILY – operate from a state of ABUNDANCE

17. Associate yourself with the best of the best to complement what you do

18. Get an accountability buddy

19. Learn to be your word-like breath

20. Stop comparison, it’s a killer

21. You educate people on how to treat you, so audit those you chose to associate with, if they do not honour who you be in the world, let them go!

22. Honour your personal boundaries and morning practices without fail

23. Audit how much of your time daily is spent on non-revenue generating activity and get present to the costs of sabotaging your potential

24. Clear your energy field regularly

25. Become a lifelong learner and immerse yourself in personal and professional development to evolve to your highest potential

I am often asked what I do for work and my standard response is this: I gave up work 20 years ago, I do not relate to what I do as work, I live my passion with passion.

Can you say the same? If not, stop selling your soul – a new future awaits those who are ready to listen …

Do you solemnly swear to stay in your lane, your whole lane, and nothing but your lane?


Leadership Coach to let go negative affirmations
Sally Anderson

CEO/C-Suite Leadership Coach Sally partner’s CEO’s/C-Suite Leadership Executives/Key Influencers Achieve Unprecedented ‘Sustainable’ RESULTS!



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