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NDP 2022: Happy Birthday Singapore

national day singapore

NDP 2022 is a day of celeberating Singapore Spirit throughout the country.Happy 57th Birthday to Singapore! Singapore is special in so many ways and on its birthday we want to highlight what makes Singapore unique-

  • Singapore is the first country in South East Asia which has achieved first-world status in a very less time span of some 30 years.
  • Singapore is a multi-racial and multi-cultural country, and the people here enjoy the amazing types of ethnic food, cultural holidays, religious celebrations and entertainment. Singapore is a very peaceful country where people are very understanding and tolerant.
  • Singapore is a country with zero natural resources and still, it was able to build itself a reservoir of people with great knowledge, expertise and skillsets who can provide products and a variety of services.
  • Singapore’s corporate and personal taxes are relatively low, as compared to their western counterparts. This gives reason to other companies to set up their manufacturing and other business operations in Singapore to enjoy lower tax rates and lower operating costs.
  • Singapore is a very safe country. This is largely due to the strict laws and good policing of the country. Singaporeans are generally very honest people. There are multiple incidences when lost wallets or bags filled with monies, are returned to the right owners completely intact even after a few days of discovery.
  • Singapore has many great leaders. Lee Kuan Yew (the former Prime Minister) is one of the greatest and smartest men. He was a man with good intellect, good spoken English and was able to articulate his thoughts very well, he created a relatively clean, robust and forward-looking government.

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