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Nida Sahar- Championing Edge Computing Through her Startup Nife.io

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What does it take to be a Woman founder of a leading-edge computing startup? Hear from a start-up founder in her own words.

Womenlines takes pleasure to welcome Nida Sahar, founder of an edge computing startup Nife.io in Singapore. 5G connectivity is heralded as the game-changer for mobile and wireless communications. The development of the technology opens up the possibilities for new business models, and innovation for key areas such as Singapore’s maritime industry, and the push for Industry 4.0.

Nida Sahar aims to be at the forefront of this change as the founder of Nife, one of Singapore’s leading edge computing startups. Edge computing enables data transfers between apps and devices quickly and as latency free as possible. It is a vital part of the digital infrastructure for companies and cities to make the transition
from 4G to 5G seamless.

Growing up in a business household in India, she was exposed to entrepreneurship from a young age. However, the community expectations for girls involved training to get married to take over the household and not work in business. This was an expectation that she wanted to defy and surpass.

Her hunger for exploration and passion for technology led her down a 15-year journey with varied experiences. She wore different hats as a podcast producer, a full stack developer, and a CTO for a fintech startup before her latest role as the founder of Nife.

Nida also champions empowering women and children, volunteering for AnitaB.org and other organisations to be a guiding hand towards quality mentorship. She contributed an article earlier this year for International Women’s Day 2022 and continually leads by example to show how much more women can bring to the table in an increasingly
digital world.

Visit the Nife.io website to know more details about Nife!

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