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Outfit Essentials To Add to Your WFH Wardrobe

outfit essentials

Gone are the days of stiff blazers and uncomfortable heels! Put your feet up and get your work done from home in comfort and style with these tips.

Remote work has changed the corporate landscape over the past two years. Rush hour traffic has died down, parking spaces are easier to find, and many employees have found that they work productively from the comfort of their own homes. While your work-from-home job is still just that—a job—you don’t have to fuss with business wear every day.

These outfit essentials to add to your WFH wardrobe are an expert blend of comfy, casual, and presentable for virtual meetings.


A step below slacks but a notch above sweatpants, a cozy pair of leggings will keep you comfortable all day without feeling like you’re wearing pajamas. Pair them with a casual dress and cardigan to ensure that you look presentable from the waist up.

Work Shirts

COVID-19 has changed the way everyone dresses, and one change is that the “Zoom shirt” has become a staple in many WFH wardrobes. Incorporating a fancier shirt or sweater into your closet allows you to maintain your sense of style while combining comfort and professionalism. The ideal Zoom shirt is easy to don for a meeting and convenient to remove afterwards.

Plain Tees

While graphic T-shirts and silly logos are a great way to express your style on days off, keep your work outfits sleek without sacrificing comfort. A no-fuss white tee has a casual feel, and you can layer it with other pieces, like sweaters or jackets, to dress it up for a meeting.

Classic Jeans

No longer restricted to casual Fridays, your favorite jeans are a perfect staple for your WFH wardrobe. You’ll be more efficient at work if you take the time to get dressed for the day—pajamas are a productivity killer. Jeans go with everything and have enough structure to anchor a workday outfit.

Light Sweaters

Toe the line between your loungewear and work wardrobes by incorporating layers. Lightweight sweaters and cardigans offer more comfort and flexibility than thick blazers or woolens. Plus, with layers, your outfit will be easy to customize over the course of the day. Add or remove layers as necessary.

While remote work may seem like the perfect opportunity to come to the “office” in your pajamas, fight that urge and create a wardrobe that combines professional flair with superior comfort. These outfit essentials to add to your WFH wardrobe will transform the way you think about your remote gig.

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