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A Physiotherapist with Magical Healing Hands- Dr. Alifiya Lakdawala

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It is said that-

A physiotherapist has the brain of a scientist, the heart of a humanist, and the hands of an artist!


It is a pleasure to welcome a Physiotherapist and Professional Speaker Dr. Alifiya Lakdawala from Kuwait who is said to be having magical healing hands, to the ‘Accomplished Professional Show’ at Womenlines! Listen to her own words in the interview above about her exciting journey as a physiotherapist, her accomplishments, and her role as a professional speaker.

Dr. Alifiya Lakdawala is a resident of Kuwait hailing from the city of dreams- Mumbai, India. A physiotherapist by profession and a mother of two. A gold medalist who has secured a university topper position in her second and final year of physiotherapy, from the University of Pune. Worked with renowned hospitals in India like Reliance (then SIR H.N hospital) and Bombay hospital. A certified Ministry of Health (MOH) physiotherapist in Kuwait. An enthusiast cross-fit and yoga doer.

A passionate public speaker. A subject matter expert in office ergonomics, lifestyle management, and better living. She walks her talks by promoting women’s health and nutrition with an experience of more than 13 years in the field of physiotherapy.

Actively involved with her community for various community services-especially educating women on “Physiotherapy -your path to being normal”, member of the Indian Association of Physiotherapists (IAP), member of Toastmasters International for almost a decade. Presently heading under the banner of Toastmaster International as District 20 Director managing four countries- Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, and Egypt.

 What inspired me to take physiotherapy?

I would love to make a positive impact on other’s life by improving their lifestyle quality. I have seen how miraculously physiotherapy worked for my family after a disability and a fracture. The joy and hope received are tremendous by the patient and for the therapist.

What is the favorite part of providing physiotherapy?

It’s rewarding to see how a therapist can alleviate a fellow human from pain. The best part is that I am blessed to heal people with my hands.

What is challenging in my work?

I have to be emphatic and yet be firm and loving to get the therapy completed. A fine line between those two emotions is difficult to balance. Dealing with the different psyches of patients is the other challenge I face regularly.

 Message to Womenlines audience?

We, women, are like a lantern, to shine bright we need fuel first!  

Womenlines team wishes success to Dr. Alifiya Lakdawala in all her future endeavors! Connect with Dr. Alifiya on Linkedin to know more details about her.

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