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Powerful Women of the Gulf Coast Announces the Merger with LeadHERship Global

leadHERship global

Powerful Women of the Gulf Coast, a trusted regional network of C-Suite leaders founded by Kolleen Chesley, is announcing a merger with LeadHERship Global, the world’s most impactful community of women, founded by Linda Fisk.

United in purpose, mission and vision, the community of Powerful Women of the Gulf Coast will now be integrated into the LeadHERship Global network, to advance and accelerate the success of inspiring leaders worldwide. Together, these two communities of women leaders will leverage self-directed learning, impactful group experiences, peer advisory services, and expert-led coaching and mentoring to advance the success of women globally.   

As a part of the merger, Kolleen Chesley has been appointed to the position of Chief Executive Officer of LeadHERship Global.  Chesley, who founded Powerful Women of the Gulf Coast in 2004, succeeds Linda Fisk, LeadHERship Global Founder and CEO. Fisk will move into the position of Chairwoman of the expanded community of LeadHERship Global.

C-suite executives, influencers, thought-leaders as well as business owners and founders can now dramatically expand their sphere of influence and raise their personal profile by leveraging the combined assets of both communities, which include an extensive reach through social media, digital TV channels, podcasts, hundreds of live digital events every year, as well as in-person events. 


“LeadHERship Global has built a world-class community of inspiring c-suite leaders from around the world, and we are thrilled to be combining forces with them. The merger with LeadHERship Global leverages the power of community, connection, and collaboration to help our executive leaders transform the world for the better,” said Kolleen Chesley, incoming CEO of LeadHERship Global.


Powerful Women of the Gulf Coast, together with the worldwide community of LeadHERship Global, receive a plethora of benefits, including: 

  • A safe and trusted environment to learn, share, discover, and grow
  • Innovative and effective business and career-enhancing techniques
  • The inspiration you need to tackle daunting issues and challenges 
  • A team to help you create new strategies and opportunities 
  • Authentic networking and connection that accelerates your success
  • New business ideas and growth initiatives to help scale your business
  • Immediate access to exclusive content through virtual and live events
  • Unlimited access to Digital Discussions, Accelerator Webinars, Roundtables, Executive Briefings, Workshops, and Private Networking Mixers

“I am beyond thrilled to have Powerful Women of the Gulf Coast join forces with LeadHERship Global. The power of this community is immeasurable, and I can’t wait to harness all that knowledge and resources to benefit every single leader,” said Linda Fisk, incoming Chairwoman of LeadHERship Global. 

This merger builds on the understanding that no one grows as a leader without support from others.  Powerful Women of the Gulf Coast, together with LeadHERship Global fosters a supportive, trusting community to help global leaders define their vision, grow their leadership, expand their influence, and create a legacy. 


About LeadHERship Global

LeadHERship Global is the world’s most impactful community of women in leadership, designed to accelerate success of each member by integrating self-directed learning, impactful group experiences, peer advisory services and expert-led coaching and mentoring.   LeadHERship Global’s mission is to provide a confidential and supportive community designed to define the vision, grow the leadership, expand the influence and create a lasting legacy, for all women business owners, investors and founders and C-Suite executives.   Learn more at https://LeadHERshipGlobal.com 


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Linda Fisk
LeadHERship Global


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