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Repair and Restore your Leather Goods like a pro: Professional Leather Repair Kit

leather repair kit

Buy a leather repair kit for  $24.99 at SHOPENZER! Repair and restore your leather goods like a pro!  Now easily repair all your leather repair with this Leather Repair cream is handy and easy to use.

  •  Restore and take better care of your leather goods with the Leather Repair cream. If you want your leather car seats to look good as new, this Leather Repair cream is just what you need!
  •  Perfect for all leather, adjust the colour easily and fix all damages. Use it on your car seats, sofa or bag. It comes in the form of a paste and doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients. The cream is completely safe to use and the results are amazing! You can choose from different colours get the one that matches your leather the best. With just one use, every crack, scratch or gap will be gone.
  •  Apply a small amount of cream to the surface you want to repair and spread it evenly. The scratch will disappear immediately and the color won’t fade over time. you can repair any leather cracks, cuts and tears on leather and vinyl material surfaces.
  •  A variety of colours are designed to match surrounding materials to blend repairs with existing vinyl or leather.
  • Leather Repair Kit

 Easy To Use: Repairs cracks, scratches, cuts, rips, tears, and holes in a few easy steps.

Long-Lasting and Eco-Friendly: The repair compounds are formulated to permanently bond to the leather while remaining naturally soft and flexible and no need to replace an expensive leather couch.



 STEP 1. Clean the leather first before applying the cream, for best results use Leather Ultra Clean – This is because Ultra Clean deep cleans the leather to remove all dirt, but also opens up the pores of the leather so the Repair cream will take to the leather in a better fashion.

 STEP 2. Rub the cream into the leather in a circular motion to ensure penetration. This is enough to completely restore the color. Take a clean cloth and then buff the surface of the leather. Make sure there is no excess cream left on the leather.

 STEP 3. After buffing, the leather becomes 100% colorfast.



  • Capacity: 50ml
  • Color: Black, White, Red, Pink, Purple, Gray, Beige, Brown, Light Grey
  • Package Size: 6*6*5cm

Package Content:
1x Leather Repair KiT

Buy a leather repair kit for  $24.99 at SHOPENZER

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