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Revolutionize Your Oral Care Routine with the Wireless Flosser: The Ultimate Dental Companion

wireless flosser

Buy a wireless flosser now for $89.99 at Shopenzer

  • This is the Scaling Artifact Electric Flushing Device, a portable, powerful and easy-to-use household cleaning device.
  • It produces high-power, ultrasound waves up to 40,000 times/second and uses the cavitation phenomenon to rapidly break down tough deposits in kitchens, baths and toilets.
  • It makes cleaning even the toughest dirt and grime easy and effortless.
  •  The rechargeable design and wireless operation allow you to conveniently clean hard-to-reach, tight spaces with ease.
  •  It comes with three interchangeable nozzles for different areas of the home.
  • This is a great cleaning tool for cleaning those hard-to-reach areas that regular cleaners can’t access.


Modes: 3 cleaning modes
Battery:  1400mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery

Voltage:  (100 to 240V)
Design: USB charging design

Style 330ML Export version of large water tank + nozzle 4


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