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The Secrets to Looking Good And Protecting Your Skin This Summer

secrets to looking good

Everyone looks forward to summer, especially if you’ve been cooped up inside during a winter that always seems longer than the last. The summer is your chance to get outside and enjoy the world once again. It’s your chance to show off who you are, and revel in the positive vibes with your friends and family. For many, summer is the best time of the year.

However, as much as looking good is important, you should also remember that continuous sun exposure can damage your skin. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a little sunshine here and there, but basking in the sunshine all day is where problems begin. This shouldn’t come at the expense of your enjoyment, though, so here is some advice for looking good and protecting your skin this summer.

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration is more dangerous than you might expect. Drinking lots of water throughout the day will prevent the range of issues that you may encounter from all-day sun exposure. However, you may not notice you are dehydrated until it is too late.

Staying hydrated throughout the day will prevent problems such as heat stroke and exhaustion. It will also keep your skin healthy and moisturized. You must stick to water rather than alcohol or coffee, as these can have the opposite effect. Even if you are drinking throughout the day, try to balance it with a glass of water regularly.

Pick the Right Sunscreen

Drinking plenty of water will keep you energized, but it won’t completely protect you from the sun. the right sunscreen for your skin is the best solution to this. Not all sunscreen is the same, though, and different people will require different types of protection.

You already know about different levels of protection, with the likes of SPF 20, 30, and 50. So, you should consider a suitable amount for your skin. Everyone loves getting a tan, but the lower the SPF, the greater the chance of burning and skin cancer. Therefore, choose a sunscreen with at least 30 SPF to offer suitable protection.

And Use It The Right Way

Even choosing the correct sunscreen is not enough, though. You should also be careful to use it properly. It might sound impossible to use sunscreen incorrectly, but you’d be surprised, and too many people each year can experience sunburn and sunstroke because they do not apply enough sunscreen in the right places.

Many people will apply it as soon as they get out in the sun, but you need to give it at least 30 minutes to absorb into the skin for the best protection. Furthermore, it’s crucial to reapply when you go swimming, even if the sunscreen claims to be waterproof as wet or moist skin is more prone to burns.

Dress Appropriately

If you’ve spent the winter wrapped up warm, you’re undoubtedly looking forward to wearing something airy and comfortable. But, it’s still important to dress appropriately for the summer. Places like THE ICONIC offer a range of clothes, especially summer dresses, that offer comfort while still reflecting the sun’s rays to keep you cool, even on the hottest days.

If you’re prone to sunburn or have sensitive skin, you should also make sure you cover up if you’re in the sun all day. A jacket or cardigan may be too warm, though, so a sarong or light scarf can protect your shoulders without making you overheat.

Protect Your Eyes

Your skin is not the only thing you need to think about, either. During the summer, your eyes are just as exposed to the brightness, and this can cause innumerable problems later in life. Long-lasting exposure to UV rays will put you at a greater risk of vision damage, so don’t stare directly at the sun.

You’ll also find things more comfortable by wearing sunglasses that provide genuine protection. It’s often tempting to purchase the cheapest sunglasses from stalls along the road, especially if you left yours at home. However, these do not come with suitable UV protection. Look for labels like a CE Mark or UV400 to get an idea of their quality.

Know Your Sun Limits

A lot of people want to spend every possible minute in the sun. However, as enjoyable as this is, you shouldn’t expose yourself to too much sunlight no matter how good your sunglasses are or how much sunscreen you’ve applied.

This is especially true when doing activities. Running or outdoor yoga are great ways to stay in shape, but they could cause severe exhaustion that will make you feel faint or weak. If you feel like you’re getting too hot, take a break, your skin will thank you for it.

Tan Sensibly

Tanning is a great way to look and feel healthy, but it also poses plenty of dangers. If you use tanning oil instead of proper sunscreen, you are putting your skin at risk. Besides skin cancer, you risk wrinkles and dryness, too.

These may not seem as severe, but they will compound and make you look older than you are. This can cause you to feel self-conscious and may ruin your summer altogether. There is nothing wrong with wrinkles, they are natural, but they can make your skin seem older.

Recognize Signs for Concern

The summer gives you the chance to feel free and forget about the stress of work and life even if it’s just for an afternoon. However, this shouldn’t mean you act rashly and are too careless with your skincare. With a bigger exposure to possible skin problems, you must recognize the signs of potential issues before they become more severe.

The easiest thing to notice is sunburn. If this is the case, apply aloe vera and stay out of the sun to allow yourself the time to heal. More seriously, signs of skin cancer in the form of blemishes should be checked out immediately. If you have any spots that are more than 6mm wide or have dark red, brown, or even black patches, you need to get yourself to a doctor as soon as possible.

Look After Your Kids, Too

You are not the only person who will be enjoying the summer. Your friends, family, and your kids will also want to spend as much time as possible in the sun. You can usually trust your friends to look after themselves, but your kids won’t have the same amount of summer skincare knowledge that you do.

Because of this, you must take care of their skin for them. Make sure you keep them hydrated and remind them to wear a sunhat whenever they are outside. You can also measure the time between applying sunscreen to keep a healthy, protective layer wherever they are.

Make The Most of It

All of these issues can make summer sound not as fun as you remember it. As much as looking after yourself (and looking good doing it) is crucial, you should also make sure that you make the most of the summer.

If you have a backyard with plenty of space to relax, get outside as often as possible. If you haven’t seen your friends for a while, arrange a time and a place to reconnect and enjoy each other’s company. Socializing and relaxation can also benefit your appearance this summer, so make sure you embrace the opportunity.

Lovin’ Summer

Everyone deserves to enjoy their summer however they like. But if you want to maintain a healthy glow for as long as possible and reduce the risk of skin conditions later in life, protecting your skin from head to toe is essential. Thankfully, it’s simple enough to protect your skin and your family’s skin this summer. 

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