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Seize the Opportunity: Female Founders Competition SEA Now Accepting Entries

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As a fervent digital media supporter, Womenlines takes immense pride in shedding light on the Female Founders Startup Competition Southeast Asia 2023 – a dynamic Startup Pitching Contest that encapsulates the spirit of innovation and diversity.

Today, we have the privilege of hearing from the founders of Empower Biz Global, Andrea Zsapka and Kenneth Choo, who are set to unravel the essence of this transformative competition.

Co-founders of EmpowerBiz Global, Kenneth Choo, an Asian man, and Andrea Zsapka, a European woman, epitomize the diversity that fuels their venture’s mission – “Empowering Business Owners Without Labels and Including All Parties in the Conversation.”

At EmpowerBiz Global, their diverse team collaborates to create something extraordinary. Their mission is clear – to provide business owners with access to essential resources for growth while fostering a safe space for networking. The overarching goal is simple yet profound: ensure that everyone, regardless of background, has equal opportunities and support to reach their entrepreneurial goals.

This significant event is a collaborative effort between Empower Biz Global Singapore and Women Startup Competition (WSC) Europe. Empower Biz Global is dedicated to providing business owners with essential resources, facilitating growth, and establishing a secure environment for meaningful networking. WSC, an independent not-for-profit business incubation platform, runs signature programs in 10 countries, supporting female entrepreneurs in their critical early years.

The Female Founders Competition, a beacon of diversity and inclusion, exclusively caters to startups with a minimum of 50% female founders, celebrating their entrepreneurial spirit. By spotlighting outstanding entrepreneurs and their innovative startup ideas, this competition contributes to building a balanced and harmonious startup ecosystem.

For those intrigued by this groundbreaking opportunity, visit the link for detailed information.

Key Dates to Remember:

  • Registration Opens: 1st Sep 2023, Fri
  • Registration Closes: 14th Oct 2023, Sat
  • Mentoring + Q&A Sessions: 3rd & 10 Oct 2023, Tue, 8 pm – 10 pm
  • Judging Period: 14 Oct 2023, Sat
  • Final Selection of Pitches: 20 Oct 2023, Fri
  • Announcement of Finalists: 21 & 22 Oct 2023 (Sat & Sun)
  • SEA Finals: 28th Oct 2023, Sat

Why Apply?

  • Gain Visibility: Promote women’s participation in business and create gender balance.
  • Increase Chances: The top winner from the Female Founders Competition SEA may proceed to the Women Startup Competition Europe’s Final Demo Day.
  • Collaborative Learning: Benefit from shared questions and answers with fellow attendees.
  • Presentation Skills: Improve your presentation and pitching skills with expert insights.

Who Can Apply?

  • Female Leadership: The startup must be led by a female CEO or founded/co-founded by females, with at least 50% women in the entrepreneurial team, from South East Asia Countries (SEA).
  • Startup Phase: The startup should be at least at the MVP phase or very close to launching, with something tangible to showcase.

The Process:

  1. Online Application
  2. Online Selection for the Female Founders Competition SEA (Semifinals)
  3. Online Mini-Bootcamp (Speed Rapid Mentoring)
  4. Pitching at the Female Founders Competition (Top semi-final winner advances to Women Startup Competition Europe)
  5. Finals Selection
  6. Pitching at WSC Demo Day – Winner Election
  7. Long-term Follow-up: Focusing on traction generation and international expansion.

Embark on this journey, be part of the change, and let’s collectively empower business globally!

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