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Join the Movement: Support Valerie’s ‘Speak Up!’ Documentary Series and Empower Women Worldwide

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Valerie is a remarkable woman who has achieved success in various fields, including investments, entrepreneurship, public speaking, philanthropy and undertaking initiatives to support and empower women.

With an MBA degree and a background in international banking, she has owned and directed multiple businesses and even excelled as a world champion athlete.

Valerie’s passion lies in educating and empowering entrepreneurs and investors from different continents about personal finance and investment strategies. Her leadership skills and influence have earned her several awards, including recognition as an influencer in the women empowerment industry. Through her platform, the Independent Women Summit, Valerie focuses on empowering women to become independent leaders, build successful businesses, and create passive income streams.

Valerie is also a renowned speaker, having shared the stage with influential figures such as John Travolta, Mel Gibson, Les Brown, Ona Brown, Hugh Hilton, and Steve Wozniak. Her accomplishments have been featured in numerous international business magazines and sports-related publications, highlighting her achievements as a high-performance athlete.

Valerie’s upcoming documentary series, “Speak Up!”, shares the powerful stories of women who have defied societal expectations, cultural stereotypes, and personal challenges to create their own paths to success. The series features inspiring journeys from women such as an Iranian lawyer fighting for women’s rights and a European therapist who overcame bullying and rejection. It also includes the remarkable story of a 72-year-old woman who began her career at 44 and went on to become an ambassador, editor-in-chief, and board member of multiple media outlets.

Beyond being a documentary series, “Speak Up!” is a movement that encourages women to claim their power, embrace their individuality, and live life on their own terms. To finance the production of this inspiring series, a crowdfunding campaign has been launched. The goal is to produce high-quality content, including filming in different countries, creating original soundtracks, organizing events, and executing extensive marketing campaigns. Supporters of the “Speak Up!” project will have access to a private community where they can connect with like-minded individuals, vote on creative aspects of the project, and receive updates on its progress. They will also receive exclusive perks such as digital assets, merchandise, and the chance to attend events in various countries or even become co-producer of the series.

If you want to contribute to the “Speak Up!” documentary series and join the global movement for women’s empowerment, visit the crowdfunding campaign website at [https://speakup.kckb.st/405715d9.]. With your support, we can create inspiring content and empower women around the world to live life on their own terms.

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