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The Best Ways for Businesses To Ship Fragile Cargo

ship fragile cargo

Shipping fragile cargo safely can be a challenge for e-commerce businesses. Learn some of the best ways for businesses to ship fragile cargo.

Fragile cargo is notoriously difficult to ship. And if you don’t take measures to transport your fragile cargo safely, your business might end up with dissatisfied customers, increased costs, and a damaged reputation. However, with a few simple steps, you can avoid these unpleasant issues and instead take your business and its success to new heights. Set yourself up for success and learn some of the best ways for businesses to ship fragile cargo.

Find the Right Package Size

Package sizes play a significant role in shipping cargo safely to its destination. With a package that’s too big, your products may bounce around and break. However, if a package is too small, it might not provide necessary protection for your fragile cargo. Choose packages large enough to hold your products and their protective cushioning without leaving too much space.

Add Plenty of Cushioning

Another one of the best ways for businesses to ship fragile cargo is to add plenty of cushioning. There are many cushioning products to choose from for your shipments, such as packing peanuts, bubble bags, packing foam, and protective paper. Cushioning will absorb impacts and keep your products secure throughout the transportation process.

Include Weatherproof Wrapping

Too often, businesses forget to protect products from the weather. To keep your products safe from rain and humidity, including weatherproof wrapping. This material will prevent water from damaging the products, ensuring they reach their destinations safely regardless of the outdoor conditions.

Purchase InsuranceEven when you take all these steps to protect your cargo, shipment damage or loss is sometimes unavoidable. However, there are ways to protect your business financially from these situations. When you have insurance, you can protect your business from financial losses and gain peace of mind. For example, if you plan to ship your fragile cargo by plane, you can learn a few facts about international air cargo insurance and purchase it for your shipment. While insurance rates vary depending on the company and its options, there are plenty of affordable plans for businesses of all sizes to choose from.

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