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Tips for Dressing Comfortably on a Dinner Date

Whether it’s a first date or a friend date, your outfit is crucial, meaning you should be cosy yet stylish. Explore some tips for dressing comfortably on a date.

Dinner dates are a common choice when it comes to getting to know someone or catching up with an old friend. Although you can always do something else together afterwards, many dates start at a restaurant. Whether you’re meeting a friend, going on a first date, or catching up with a family member, you probably want to look

fabulous at dinner. With that said, you may avoid eating a full meal to prevent feeling bloated or uncomfortable in your clothes. Instead, consider these tips for dressing comfortably on a dinner date. 

Wear a Dress

Even if you’re not a dress person or the restaurant doesn’t call for formal attire, you can still benefit from wearing a casual sundress on a date. Believe it or not, many women are more comfortable in a dress than in pants, making it the perfect option to look your best while also remaining relaxed and happy. You may feel obligated to choose a form-fitting dress, but a flowy style is the best option for sitting at dinner.

Pro Tip

If you dislike the feeling of dresses, try wearing shorts underneath to make yourself feel more secure and avoid thigh chafing.

Wear Comfortable Sitting Pants

Although your jeans fit you well when getting dressed, they may not be the most comfortable choice for sitting and eating throughout the night. There’s nothing worse than fighting the urge to unbutton your pants after a meal while sitting at the table chatting with your date—you’ll focus on your discomfort rather than the person in front of you. If possible, you should wear stretchy jeans, leggings, or another comfortable pair of pants that flex as you sit. With several different ways to dress up faux leather leggings, you can look your absolute best while remaining comfortable.

Give Yourself Room To Breathe

While you may want to show off your gorgeous figure with tight-fitting clothing, it’s not always the best decision for a dinner date. You might feel full and bloated after eating, which will make your form-fitting clothing feel even tighter. A good rule to follow when sitting down for dinner is to give yourself room to breathe. Whether that means choosing a loose shirt or stretchy pants, you should avoid making yourself uncomfortable.

Always Bring a Jacket or Coverup

Restaurants are notorious for being cold; therefore, you should always bring a jacket or coverup. If you’re shivering throughout the meal, you most likely won’t enjoy the time with your dinner companion. Whether you opt for a denim jacket, a knit cardigan, or a jacket, you won’t regret bringing a neutral outer layer on a dinner date. Worst case scenario, you won’t need to use it.

With a few tips for dressing comfortably on a dinner date, you’re ready to start building an outfit for your upcoming date. Even though you should dress to impress, that doesn’t mean you have to choose the most uncomfortable items in your closet. Remember to give yourself room to breathe, sit, and eat.

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