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Unlocking Hidden Talents: Meet Amrita Tiwary, the Global Fine Arts Guru

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Womenlines takes pleasure to welcome an entrepreneur who is a fine arts expert and is putting heart and soul into nurturing those souls who want to grow the artist within them. She strongly believes in these words-

” A person who works with their hands; is a labourer,

A person who works with their hands and brains; is a craftsman

&  A person who works with their hands, their brain and their heart; is an Artist”

          – Marco Pierre White

Amrita Tiwary, founder Kreative Minds, an art school in Bangalore gives training in Fine Art, Dance and Music. Entrepreneur, Leader, Mentor, Consultant and Coach. Amrita is running Kreative Mind for the last 6 years. As of today’s date, Kreative Minds has been able to spread its wings overseas in California and Canada too. Take note friends  Kreative Minds is affiliated with the esteemed university of Art and Culture – Pracheen Kala Kendra, Chandigarh also. Pracheen Kala Kendra has its centres in India and Asia, Australia and USA. As of today, fine arts

Amrita has completed various courses in the field of Art and Design. She is a mentor to many private students who have opted for Art as their professional course in their schools and colleges alongside teaching learners of Kreative Minds. She is walking on the path to creating a brand name for Kreative Minds as the home for all Art Forms (Fine Arts, Music & Dance).

About Fine Arts School  Kreative Minds:

Kreative Minds is a growing institute of art and culture in Bangalore. Kreative Minds offers various forms of creativity including art, design, craft, music, and dance courses for one and all without any age barrier. Kreative Minds was founded in the year 2016 in Bangalore. In the past 6+ years, it has been continuously focusing on increasing and growing the talent of upcoming and budding Artists and art lovers. To date, Kreative Minds has been able to spread its wings not only in India but also overseas. Kreative Minds have 300+ learners in various art forms (Fine Arts, Crafts, Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Creative Classical Dance, Kathak, Hindustani Vocal & Carnatic Vocal).

fine arts


In Kreative Minds, the team looks forward to supporting art enthusiasts and works on commissioned artwork also. What has commissioned artwork? Artwork created and made on demand by one. They take orders from Corporate, Realtors, Interior Decorators and Individuals for their homes. These artworks are made and created on requirements specified by the interested buyers.

fine arts

To date, Kreative Minds has been able to spread its wings not only in India but also overseas.

Visit Kreative Minds website to know more details about the courses and to register for their courses. Certain courses can be attended virtually also.



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