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Unveiling the Journey: In-Depth Conversation with Deepti Gaur, Founder of ‘Dance with Deepti'(1.25M Subscribers)

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I recently had an incredible fan moment when I had the privilege of welcoming Deepti Gaur, the talented fitness coach and founder of ‘Dance with Deepti,’ to the ‘Stellar Entrepreneur Show’ at Womenlines. With an impressive 1.27 million subscribers to her channel, Deepti is truly a force to be reckoned with in the world of fitness coaching.

Deepti’s passion for fitness shines through in her energetic guidance, creating a vibrant and fun-filled experience for her viewers. Her ability to make fitness routines enjoyable is truly commendable. I highly recommend that you subscribe to her channel, ‘Dance with Deepti,’ as it will add a whole new level of excitement to your fitness journey. Trust me, you’ll thank me later for introducing you to the amazing world of Dance with Deepti!

Dance with Deepti

Meet Deepti Gaur-Sengupta, a certified trainer, nutritionist, and the driving force behind “Dance with Deepti.” With her exceptional EQ and boundless energy, she embraces the role of a full-time multitasking ninja.

Deepti’s mission is to simplify fitness, infuse it with super fun elements, and make it easily accessible within the comfort of your own home. Her YouTube channel, “Dance with Deepti,” offers a high-energy dance fitness workout experience that combines Indian-style fat-burning cardio and strength training.

Before venturing into the fitness world, Deepti held the position of Director-IT at a global MNC and holds a master’s degree in Computer Applications. Her passion for healthy living, natural approaches, and positive thinking is evident in her workout styles and her genuine connection with her fitness followers.

Deepti is an ISSA certified personal trainer (CPT), nutritionist, and nutrition coach. She brings her unique ideas and methods to creatively deliver fitness through dance and music, infusing her workouts with enthusiasm and enjoyment.

Join Deepti on her journey as she simplifies fitness, makes it super fun, and helps you achieve your health and wellness goals. Whether you’re a beginner or looking for high-intensity workouts, her channel offers a complete range of options, including knee-friendly cardio, strength training, advanced cardio, HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), and intense 10-minute shred sessions.

Subscribe to “Dance with Deepti,” where fitness becomes a joyful experience, empowering you to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

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