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Vulvani Launches new Online Course Series for the First Period


Vulvani launches the new online course series “The First Period” for children. Combining an illustrated audiobook and entertaining learning videos. The vulva is designing a four-part course series as a foundation for living with menstruation. Britta Wiebe, the company’s co-founder, says: “We want to help parents and schools optimally prepare children for a life with menstruation, without shame, but with a positive feeling.” With fun and positive ways of imparting knowledge, an interplay of Britta’s learning videos and Lily’s (a fictional character who takes children on their first-period journey) unique audio play has been created.

How is the first-period course series structured?

Overall, the online course series consists of four parts:

The first part “The body is changing” focuses on basic biological knowledge. What happens
in the body during menstruation? We set important basics so that your child can feel
comfortable with their period every day.

In the second part “Ready for the first period” it’s time to get down to business. Britta and
Lily illustrates all the important tips and tricks to keep in mind before your first
menstruation. What do I have in my emergency kit? How can I talk to others about my

The third part “Period products” is about the correct and practical use of period products.
We give your child tips and tricks to make the first and subsequent periods as pleasant
and self-determined as possible.

The fourth part “Feeling good in your cycle” focuses on an often unnoticed topic:
emotional well-being. The period is part of a whole rhythmic cycle. Hormonal and mood
swings go hand in hand with it. We set the first foundation so that your child and her period
become a cool team, for life.

Individually, each online courses cost 19€ (approx. 21$). All four online courses are
available together as a bundle at a special price of 59€ (approx. 65$)!

For general inquiries instead: hello@vulvani.co

Who is the First Period Course Series suitable for?

The course series is designed for children between 8-13 years, for and after the first
period. In the first case, it is very important to learn about the first period at an early age
in order to build a positive attitude towards menstruation from the beginning and to
reduce possible fears. For the second case, first-period classes provide a comprehensive
overview of everything a child should know about different period products or the
menstrual cycle.

Vulvani, founded in 2021 by Britta Wiebe and Jamin Mahmood, is the world’s first
digital education marketplace around menstruation, cycle health and sexuality.
Through interactive online courses, people can easily fill knowledge gaps about the
female body.
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