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What Makes a Good Product Page on Amazon?

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Putting your products on Amazon isn’t an immediate track to success. Learn here about the details that make an attractive product page on Amazon.

Any small business looking to expand its customer base will inevitably look to Amazon Marketplace as a selling platform. With a massive number of customers purchasing things every day, it’s a good way to expand your potential. You’ll need an attractive product page if you want to close those sales, though. Here, we’ll look at what makes a good product page on Amazon so that you can turn those views into sales.

Detailed Descriptions

Amazon itself might have all your product’s important information stored in a UPC barcode. But you’ll need to use the product description to tell your customers why they should buy your product over a competitor’s. Product descriptions should be easy to read without too much-complicated jargon or lots of numbers. Potential customers will read them rather quickly, so keep the information short and casual to make the best impression possible.

Amazon-Specific Keywords

Any kind of search engine will rely on keywords to help customers find what they actually need. Where a search engine like Google uses keywords to find relevant information, Amazon’s search function uses keywords to pair up products with customers. The keywords you use for Google won’t serve you as well on Amazon. It’s a good idea to analyze the keywords for your product in the context of Amazon’s market before you put them on the page.

High-Quality Images

A key element of a good Amazon product page is the presence of images that accurately and clearly show off what your product is. Stock images, watermarked images, or images that you don’t take yourself don’t just look unprofessional; they might give the customer the wrong idea about your products. This could mean they overestimate what the product is or immediately go to competitors with higher-quality images. Take your pictures seriously unless you want your customers to be unpleasantly surprised when the item actually shows up.

Accurate Product Features

The product features section of the product page is a bulleted list of the most important details about your item. Unlike the description, this is where you want to be very precise in your wording. If your product has a specific measurement, such as height or width, this is where you put that measurement. You can also describe the materials used to make your product or other important details, such as guarantees or warranties you offer. These should be straight to the point without any additional fluff in the wording.

When you take the time to create a good product page on Amazon, you show that your business cares enough to put its best foot forward. Competition can be fierce on Amazon Marketplace, but an excellent product page will give you a leg up.

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