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Yafot Wellness New Therapy Launch can help Improve your Eye Health

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Yafot Wellness is celebrating its 4th anniversary & has launched an exciting new therapy – Ey3 Divine Treatment which can help improve your eye health. This treatment is beneficial to people who are suffering/experiencing digital eye strain, eye fatigue, eye bags, dark circles, myopia, presence of floaters and other related conditions including head, neck and shoulder pain.

Yafot wellness centre’s motto in Singapore is ”Empowering you to live the fullness of life”!

Yafot “means becoming beautiful”. Yafot Wellness team delivers the best beauty and wellness results using the latest and most effective Western technologies, combined with traditional Eastern practices.

Come and experience this unique 60 min comprehensive eye treatment now. They are having a special introductory promotion at only $68 per session ( UP $188) per customer. This offer is valid till November. Great news for Womenlines family. This offer can be claimed by a Womenlines subscriber in December also. Valid for the first trial session.

The Yafot Wellness Story

Through his personal victory in overcoming work stress, Founder Sonny Kwok was inspired to develop an approach to holistic well-being. As a result, this led to the birth of Yafot Wellness. It is their vision to enable people to find their way to wellness the natural way. Every experience at Yafot begins with the team listening to YOU. They perform tests to determine your personal score and state. They discuss your goals and want to achieve the results you desire.

There is no doubt that the eyes are one of the most prominent parts of the face to show signs of ageing and overall health. Eye health is crucial for young to old and for a youthful appearance. With the increased screen time today, there is a rise in eye issues such as eye fatigue, digital eyestrain, eye bags, dark circle, myopia, the presence of floaters, and several other conditions including neck and shoulder pain.

Ey3 Divine Treatment is beneficial to people who are suffering from Digital Eye Strain, Eye Fatigue, Eye Bags, Dark Circles, Myopia, the presence of Floaters and other related conditions including Head, Neck and Shoulder pain.

This treatment helps to achieve a clearer vision instantly, and also to prevent Eye related diseases in the future.

WhatsApp Yafot Wellness at 8738 5400 to secure your slot now.

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