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101 Marvellous Ways to Live Your Life to the Fullest


You can live your life to the fullest, yes it is possible!

Learn 101 ways to live your life to the fullest from Leadership Coach Sally Anderson, a guest influencer for Leadership at the Womenlines panel from New Zealand. Sally has privately coached key influencers internationally: CEO’s/executive teams/C-Suite forums/entrepreneurs/celebrities/politicians/millionaires/billionaires over 20 years.

STOP Taking Your Life For Granted! 

 The sobering fact, the average person’s life = 28,000 days. If you wrote your Eulogy now what changes would you make in your life to honour that Eulogy?

As Daniel Harkavy explains:

“When we take the time to write our eulogies, it creates this magnetic pull power that draws us forward, our priorities and our vision for where we want to be as leaders and how we’ll get there come into sharp focus, It creates a sense of urgency and clarity.  

Top 100 recommendations to live your life with a sense of urgency:

  1. Don’t take yourself so seriously
  2. Live like today was your last
  3. Go all In with EVERYTHING you do
  4. Don’t sweat the small stuff
  5. Live with gratitude
  6. STOP waiting for the MACK TRUCK experience to arrive before you make the life changes you know intuitively you need to make
  7. Never take life for granted
  8. Love with all your heart ?? leave nothing on the table
  9. Learn & live with unconditional compassion 
  10. Have a hunger to learn EVERYDAY
  11. Tell those you love that you love them often
  12. Don’t sweat the small stuff, worry is redundant for worry is using your imagination to create that which you do not want!
  13. Trust first thought implicitly it is always right
  14. When you want to back out go in
  15. Learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable often
  16. Don’t live with regrets
  17. Stop selling out to excuses period
  18. Get a sense of humor
  19. Make a difference in someone’s life everyday
  20. Live full out like your life depended on it
  21. Compliment people freely & openly daily
  22. Live your passion with passion
  23. Don’t you dear blame anyone for your lot you are 100% responsible for who you are in the world 
  24. Know your purpose & pay forward your knowledge daily 
  25. Honour your god given vessel
  26. Do your best everyday even when you don’t feel like it
  27. Do not sell out to your feelings
  28. You are stronger than you think, when you feel at your worst just know you have what it takes to overcome & survive anything
  29. Learn to love yourself unconditionally 
  30. Pamper yourself often & invest in your personal development as your most important investment
  31. Cultivate your mindset daily
  32. Mandate application of morning practices with a level of iron clad discipline
  33. Mediate daily
  34. Surrender to your faith thru every breath
  35. Be humble 
  36. Walk your talk
  37. NEVER let your past dictate your future
  38. NEVER use time as the excuse for not living the life of your dreams
  39. Make your dreams a reality everyday because the only one stopping you from achieving them is you
  40. Talk kindly to yourself
  41. Love your body, respect your body, nurture your body, honor your body
  42. Forgive often to live with freedom
  43. Celebrate & acknowledge your wins
  44. Realise the most important distinction on the planet is ‘CHOICE’, the quality of your life is a direct function of the choices you make daily
  45. If your life does not reflect what you want you are the only person responsible to change it
  46. Nothing externally can impact your state unless you allow it
  47. Ask for support it is your greatest strength
  48. Learn to be vulnerable it’s the access point to love
  49. Let yourself be seen by those who matter
  50. Leave a legacy that matters
  51. Treat others as you would like to be treated
  52. Never go to bed without resolving the argument 
  53. Say yes to opportunity with the wonderment of the child within
  54. NEVER get so serious you forget what it feels like to have fun
  55. Learn to belly laugh so hard it hurts
  56. Associate yourself with the best of the best
  57. NEVER tolerate disrespect
  58. Implement boundaries & honour your faith
  59. Walk your values instead of talking your values
  60. Be your word like your life depended on it
  61. Turn everything over to the universe & keep getting out of the way
  62. Learn to co-create outcomes instead of forcing outcomes
  63. Get into alignment & live in the slipstream
  64. NEVER hurt anyone, especially children, animals & those you love
  65. STOP delaying your happiness by playing life safely
  66. Get out of your comfort zone often for it is far from comfortable there
  67. Know that all there is is ?? love
  68. Understand the power of colour & stop wearing black
  69. Love like you have never been hurt
  70. Be soft & gentle with yourself often
  71. Hug everyone
  72. Pump up the volume & dance with abandon often 
  73. All of human suffering is a function of what we make things mean, if you want to STOP suffering, STOP making things mean anything 
  74. Find your tribe
  75. Lighten up, calm the farm, & chill out
  76. Be patient with yourself all good things take time
  77. Stop driving, striving, forcing, learn to access the slipstream, vortex, zone
  78. Get out of your head, (the monkey mind), dangerous territory up there, operate from your heart space often
  79. Get a cat, get a dog, for they are the greatest teachers of unconditional love
  80. Do the work, get the healing, stop being a victim to your past
  81. Believe in miracles again
  82. Breath is your access point to your higher self, center yourself often & know that you are invincible when connected to source
  83. STOP operating from the child, it does not serve you
  84. Work SMART not HARD & realise life is meant to be enjoyed 
  85. Your perception of reality is just that, YOUR perception.  Learn to raise your consciousness beyond the story you are telling yourself
  86. Honor your critics for they are your biggest teachers! Remember 1 finger pointing out & 3 fingers pointing back!  Their opinion of you HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU
  87. Live fearlessly for you were born fearless, intuitive & connected.  No one can touch you if you are connected 
  88. You can sleep well at night if you know you are living true to your values
  89. Learn to be ‘Equanimous’, be the zen master of your live & observe everything with no reaction
  90. Give up all resentment for the cards your life has dealt you, all has been in perfection for who you are today
  91. Get complete with your parents for Mummy / Daddy issues is a life sentence & destroys all possibility of success in relationship
  92. Go out if your way to help people daily
  93. Donate to charities that resonate from an abundant mindset
  94. Give to the homeless without reservation
  95. What you perceive as a problem 9 times out of 10 is self created, STOP the projections 
  96. STOP selling out to what you tolerate.  Ask yourself the question ‘what would my life look like if I did not tolerate anything that isn’t working?
  97. Invest in friendships that feed your soul
  98. Say no to that which does not serve you
  99. Only focus on that which forwards YOUR game!
  100. Tell your face to smile ? 
  101. Honour your eulogy now before it’s too late
Leadership Coach to let go negative affirmations

Sally Anderson

Leadership Coach To The Influencers


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