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3 Ways To Make Your Salon Clients Feel Comfortable

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Relaxed and comfortable salon clients are more likely to be repeat customers. Here are three ways to make your salon clients feel more comfortable. Salons should be a relaxing place for clients to come and feel at home while they get their hair cut and styled. There are several ways to increase client comfort and ensure that clients return for future appointments at your shop. Read on to discover three ways to make your salon clients feel comfortable.

Invest in Comfortable Seating

The first way to make your salon clients comfortable during appointments is by investing in comfortable seating. You want to ensure that your reception and service area seating is appropriate and accommodating for all clients. The reception area should be inviting and roomy enough to seat multiple clients at once without anyone feeling as though they are sitting on top of each other.

There are several factors to consider when choosing the perfect salon chairs, but comfort is one of the most important. Your salon chairs should be functional for the stylist and comfortable for the client. Comfortable seating will help your clients relax more easily and feel at home while they are in your salon, which will keep them coming back for more appointments.

Engage in Friendly Conversation

Engaging in friendly conversation is the second way to make your salon clients feel more comfortable during appointments. You can start by simply asking your clients how their day is going and letting the conversation grow naturally from there.

You want clients to feel like you genuinely care about them and their well-being, so engage them and ask questions. Focus on things you can both relate to if you’re unsure of what to talk about with them. For example, ask them what they’re doing this weekend or how their kids are doing. Then, the next time they come in for an appointment, you can follow up on your initial discussion. Remembering personal details that your clients tell you about themselves will make them feel special and important, which encourages them to choose your salon over others.

Talk Them Through the Process

The third way to ensure that your clients are comfortable during appointments is by talking them through the process. This point is especially helpful if you have new clients or clients who rarely come to salons.

For instance, some people don’t enjoy getting their hair cut and have anxiety when it comes to changing their physical appearance. For these kinds of clients, it’s incredibly beneficial to explain the process to them step-by-step. Let them know before you’re about to touch them, and explain what you’re doing as you do it. Doing this will allow the client to feel more informed and like they get to be a part of the process while helping to ease any potential nervousness.

Now that you have three ways to make salon clients feel more comfortable, you can start trying these techniques with your clients today. By increasing client comfort, you will be building a more substantial clientele base that will be excited to return to your salon time and time again.

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  1. Ella Willson

    Great article! As someone who loves going to the salon, I can definitely attest to the importance of feeling comfortable during my visit. Your three tips are spot on. It’s great to see businesses prioritize the client experience, and I hope more salons take note and implement these strategies. Thank you for sharing!

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