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Tips for Training Your Employees in Customer Service

customer service

Customer service is the face of any business. Having a strong customer service team is crucial in any industry. Discover customer service tips for your team.

Every business approaches customer service with unique strategies. But one thing is for sure—in order to provide a positive customer experience, your customer service team must be up to the task. Evaluate your customer service team, and use these tips for training your employees in customer service to strengthen some of this department’s shortcomings.

Start as Soon as Possible

Not all your employees will start with the same level of experience in customer service. This diversity in experience levels is why it’s important to bring everyone up to speed through training as soon as possible. Start coaching your employees through your business’s unique brand of customer service as soon as they begin the onboarding process. This training will help teach them the skills they need early on so that they can build a proper foundation in customer service skills.

Stress the Importance of Listening

For some customer service teams, it will feel easiest to teach and learn specific phrases and greetings to use throughout the day’s work. However, you should encourage your employees to listen closely to customers instead of just going through the motions. Teach your customer service team the importance of improv and how to actively listen to customers and provide a personal and engaging experience while they shop with your business.

Practice Resolving Escalations

Any customer service team will tell you that they’ve had conversations with angry customers. No matter how hard your business works to provide exceptional service and products, it’s inevitable that you’ll receive an angry customer or two. Be sure that your customer service team feels ready to face these tense situations. Practice de-escalation techniques with your customer service team to prepare them for speaking with actual customers. It helps to outline a conversation and the steps to take to calm the customer down.

A phone call between an upset customer and your customer service representative is sure to be taxing on both ends of the conversation. Don’t focus on your customers alone in these situations—make sure you’re taking care of your employees as well. Practice stress-relieving activities with your customer service team, such as breathing exercises, mindfulness, and even physical activity such as yoga. These activities can promote positive mental health and wellness at work.

Focusing your business’s efforts on training and improving your customer service is one way to boost sales and increase conversions. Use these tips for training your customer service employees to create a caring and effective team that is ready to help your customers.

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