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4 Gentle Exercises That’ll Get You In Shape

gentle exercises

When was the last time you exercised? Most people build some sort of physical activity into their everyday life because they need to feel alive and healthy all at the same time. You can do the same thing and make sure that your body feels and looks good simply because you built exercise into your day. 

You are not alone, however, if you hate too much strength training and you’re not a lover of cardio. You need to consider what it could mean to you to exercise, and what it means for your physical limitations. The right way to go about exercise, however, is to choose one that makes your body feel blessed and calm at the end. From talking to the TCHI about Tai Chi classes to going on a simple jog, you can find gentle exercises everywhere you look. Here are four of them that’ll help you to get in shape. 

  1. Tai Chi. Is there really anything more slow and gentle that could help you to be in better shape? Tai chi allows you to use slow meditative movements to focus on the harmony between your mind and body. There are plenty of different schools and styles of Tai chi that you would need to think about looking at, but make sure that you choose one that you are most comfortable with no matter what you do.
  2. Yoga. If you want gentle, slow and deliberate movement, yoga is the way to go. You need to look at the original forms as well as the modern form if you want to be sure that yoga is for you, and it can be confusing for beginners if you don’t know where you should be getting started. Holding your body in certain ways is going to help you to build strength and that will help you to really feel good and build your fitness, too. 
  3. Gentle fitness programs. Some movement programs are slower in their movements and you can build up your fitness and not sweat it out at the same time. When you go to the local gym, ask them what is available to you so that you are able to choose exercises that will suit you as best you can find. 
  4. Feldenkrais. This is a method that is more a mindful form of exercise therapy rather than just something you do to work a sweat. If you learn to move with total awareness, you can use minimum effort for maximum efficiency. This will help you to use touch, movement, guided imagery and awareness of your body to improve your overall health and posture. It will also go a long way to helping your posture, too. If you’re not looking to go to an exercise class, you can try this method.

There are plenty of gentle exercises that offer a good range of techniques, and these are the four exercises that will really help. If you have concerns about your age or any medical issues, you should consider consulting your doctors first.

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