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4 Ways To Create a Brand Identity for Your Spa

brand identity of your spa

Your establishment needs to have a unique personality for your spa to thrive. Read here to learn more about how to create a brand identity for your spa.

Many of us go to spas and wellness centres when we need to decompress. As customers, we leave it to trained professionals to pamper us with massages, facials, and other body treatments. But what happens when you’re the business owner marketing to the public? How do you shine among your competitors with unique branding? Below, we’ve highlighted the top ways to create a brand identity in your spa!

Develop a Mission and Goals

Every business starts with a vision; from there, you develop goals and a mission statement. Think about what you’ve established for your business and how you can showcase it. For instance, if your mission is to help the average person experience tranquillity after a long week, show that through your mission statement. Additionally, your mission should involve the target audience you market toward and interact with.

Marketing Voice Matters

The way you market significantly impacts how you create a brand identity for your spa. Let’s refer to the working person demographic. If this is who you market to, you’ll want an approach that’s professional yet friendly yet reliable.

Think carefully about your communication online and in person, and portray your message through words, images, colours, and even typography. Some fonts have a more playful look, so avoid those if that’s not a part of your identity. Similarly, the language you use in marketing should always relate to the brand.

An Example

How does branding show through with your word choice? Compare these statements:

. Come to our spa for incredible service and a soothing experience!

. If you need a relaxing experience, please be a guest in our spa.

These sentences do the same thing—invite people to come to your business. However, both go about inviting customers differently. Neither statement is incorrect, and your ideal option depends on your business. Word choice, punctuation, and the message itself contribute to your business’s overall brand identity.

Think About Interior Design

A business’s interior leaves a lasting impression on new visitors. Maintaining an appealing interior is one way you can improve the way spa customers feel during their stay. The inside of your business should be clean and free of clutter. Invest in a magazine rack to eliminate clutter while offering guests a way to entertain themselves as they wait.

Pro Tip

You may also want to use essential oils for a fresh smell that will relax clients from the moment they enter. Scents such as lavender, peppermint, and cedarwood help people feel calmer.

Craft a Personality

The most important part of creating a brand identity is to remember that you’re crafting a personality. Try personifying your company as you decide how you want to communicate, what you value most, and how you’ll decorate. Ask yourself why your values are essential compared to what competitors choose. The more unique your spa is, the more likely it is to stand out to potential customers as you boost your brand awareness.

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