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Steps to Erase Domestic Violence

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In the latest episode of the ‘Let’s Erase Domestic Violence’ show at Womenlines online magazine, we are in conversation with Dr Keerthi, President at Vasavya Mahila Mandali NGO, India working with women and children to uphold their rights. Dr Keerthi works with individual clients and families to achieve their goals with a mediation strategy designed for each particular matter – no two are identical.

In the video shared above Dr Keerthi shared her thoughts on the following questions-

  1. As it is Domestic Violence month. and you have helped so many women in India through your organization, can you share what is the current situation you are observing related to domestic violence?
  2. What are resources available for victims? Can you explain a little about the process of filing a complaint and some of the practical problems with respect to the quick dispensation of justice?
  3. In present times women are more educated in comparison to previous years than why they are not able to have the courage to come out of domestic violence. What can be done according to you which can help them to have courage?
  4. You have recently met Madam President in India and presented her with a survey report. Can you share details about the report and any action plan related to reporting?
  5. How does domestic violence impact (besides the victim) a country, a family?

As October is the month of raising awareness about the occurrence of Domestic Violence globally, Womenlines is determined in its consistent efforts to share the success stories of how women can come out of domestic violence by getting inspiration from other women.

Dr Keerthi is primarily a social development professional, and her emphasis is on the human rights of women and children. Her cases involve family disputes related to violence against women, girls, children and the aged under various laws related to domestic violence, child sexual abuse, family disputes, and senior citizens etc., She also advises clients outside of the mediation process for livelihoods and also supports services for children for institutional care and education, geriatric care.

Recognition & Awards for Dr Keerthi

  • She inspires award from Annapurna International School of Film+Media, Hyderabad on International Women’s day 2019
  • Working Women Achiever Award under the category “Phonix Women” by Ooruni Foundation, Chennai. 2019
  • Genius Book of Records, UK recognized as Change Maker in the area of promoting MahilaMitra a social initiative with Vijayawada city police for triggering change. 2018
  • Wonder Book of Records Australia awarded her as Change Maker working for women empowerment2018
  • Golden Star World Records Forum, UK awarded 2018 as a strong woman who stood for the cause of upholding women’s rights for dignity and safety.
  • Best Citizen Award by Vijayawada City Police, August 15, 2017, for the voluntary services rendered for the safety and security of women by promoting MahilaMitra

Dr Keerthi has also been leading Mahila Mitra a women’s social movement and building the capacities of community women to address the redressal of family disputes as neighbours. Dr Keerthi is also leading a team of counselling of Call Money in Vijayawada city Police, Andhra Pradesh under the Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanism. Dr Keerthi is a guest faculty/resource person at the City University of Hong Kong for Post Graduate course on Victimology and Victim Care, Andhra Pradesh Human Resource Development Institute and a member of various other government and corporate committees on sexual harassment at the workplace, violence against women and child sexual abuse.

Dr Keerthi is a Change Maker under She Creates Change of Change.org running a campaign to promote dignity and respect for women through the community-led initiative Mahila Mitra.

Let’s Erase Domestic Violence Talk Show aims to share various ways to give hope to domestic violence survivors and erase this stigma from our society across the globe. At Womenlines we strongly believe that as a woman we all are having amazing powers, and skills, which can help us to achieve our dreams and fight challenges in life. Many women across the globe forget or are not even aware of it. Through ‘Let’s Erase Domestic Violence Talkshow’ we want to reach out to women globally who are facing this violence so that they can come out of it, and make them believe that there are people to help them to prevent domestic violence.

DISCLAIMER: All opinions expressed by the Programme Participants are solely their current opinion and do not reflect the opinion of Womenlines!

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