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5 Healthy Snacks for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur you need an abundance of energy, isn’t it? Healthy snacks should be always within reach for entrepreneurs. Once you have a feel of energy levels after having healthy snacks then you will never touch the unhealthy ones. You can make a bag of all such snacks and keep it handy to use anytime.

Womenlines brings to your list of 5 must have healthy snacks around your working area, which will definitely provide you with an abundance of energy required throughout day.-

  1. Dates– You’ve probably heard Djokovic would eat dates during the tennis sets. He’s not alone. A number of professional and amateur athletes advocate for dates as a part of their sports nutrition. Dates are high in natural sugars. The interesting part is that dates have protein too. 100g of dates have about 2.5g of protein.
  2. Banana-  A banana is a combination of complex carbohydrates, natural sugar, amino acids and brain-boosting minerals. This makes it a beneficial food for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. With 3.5 grams of fibre and 1.5 grams of protein, it can also help ward off hunger for longer periods than foods with refined carbohydrates
  3. Bengal Grams– It is an amazing source of protein, fibre, minerals, folate, and fatty acids that promote good health in numerous ways. Bengal gram helps increase the total energy in the body, which is why it is fed to horses too.
  4. Peanuts– Peanuts contain vitamins, minerals, nutrients and anti-oxidants and thus are rich energy sources.
  5. Black RaisinsRaisins are high in simple carbohydrates, mainly in the form of the monosaccharides fructose and glucose. This makes them an excellent source of readily available energy. Because these sugars are already in their simplest form, your body doesn’t need to break them down further for absorption and use.

Have a happy snacking time:)!

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