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5 Life Transforming Changes I Went Through By Running a Software Start-Up


“Virtually nothing is impossible in this world if you just put your mind to it and maintain a positive attitude.”- Lou Holtz

I have loved this quote many times, I understood the real meaning when I took a big decision of running a Software Startup Company ‘Earngo’ a few years back when my Technology Partners proposed the idea of Earngo to me. (I am and will be full of gratitude to them forever in my life!!)

I am an entrepreneur by heart and so grateful to Singapore set up of an ecosystem which really supports entrepreneurs amazingly. After taking up few full time jobs, co-running clothing business ‘NC Styles’ (marketing and distributing beautiful Indian hand embroidered clothes to shops at Tanglin Mall and Orchard Road in Singapore) and an events and Networking company ‘Udaan’, I said Yes to trying my hand running a Software company ‘Earngo’ to develop a technology to do data transcription through mobile channels  and that too without having any background of technical education (I am a PG in Mass Communications with a Diploma Certificate in Computers Application). LoL, I really laughed at my dare that time. But at the back of my mind, some voice was there saying…’Girl…just go for it!!’:)


  1. The biggest change was that I became more solution oriented. Any challenge was no more a challenge for me. In the beginning, it was not easy. The whole journey is full of ups and downs, some sweet moments, and some bitter one. But yes, as I moved on through my entrepreneurial journey I learnt that you get through every problem by focusing and taking actions only!
  2. Credit goes to my technology partners for coming up with the idea for the startup. My role was in the field of HR, marketing, testing, managing finance (we got iJAM funding from Singapore Govt and we incubated the technology at SMU), sales and many more leaving the coding part. This way I improved upon my multitasking ability and also learnt how to keep my mind open to pick up a new skill. I will not say that I have achieved perfection in all the roles I played, but yes I moulded myself to fit the role and delivered the work.
  3. I got an abundance of confidence and amazing network of inspiring people around me, who are working hard having faith in their ideas and keep pushing their limits. I started believing that people love to help and support each other
  4. I understood real meanings of these words and started applying in my lifetime management, mindfulness, productivity, growth and positive mindset, innovation.
  5. I learned that the digital world can be used positively if used to acquire new skills. The learning which I have received through reading at LinkedIn, Medium, following Youtube, doing online courses is just incredible. Online learning opportunities have proved awesome to people who want to learn specific skills. It is all about being open-minded to learn in life at any stage in life.

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