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5 Ultimate Clever Ways to Save Money


Financial freedom is the ability to live a life without worrying about how to save money. It means having enough income and assets to cover your expenses and still can save money and having money left over for other pursuits. Financial freedom is an important goal for many people, but it can be difficult to achieve without the right knowledge and strategy. In this article, we’ll discuss baby steps you can take to save your money and plan your financial freedom. With the right plan in place, you can begin taking steps towards a more financially secure future.

1) Track Your Spending and Stick to a Budget

Tracking your spending and sticking to a budget can be a daunting task, but it is essential for financial health. With the help of budgeting tools and apps, you can easily monitor your spending habits and make sure that you are staying within your means. One such tool is the website Calculator.me. This is is very helpful no-nonsense calculation tool on a site with a clean user experience with no banner ads above the calculators, no pop-ups etc. There are a variety of calculators on this website like savings calculator, mortgage calculator, credit card calculator and calculator for retirement planning also. These tools can also help you create a budget plan and set goals so that you can reach your financial goals. By taking control of your finances, you will be able to save money and ensure that your future is secure.

2) Cut Unnecessary Expenses & Prioritize Needs Over Wants

In today’s world, it is easy to get caught up in the desire to have more. We are constantly bombarded with advertisements and promotions that encourage us to buy things we don’t need. However, if you want to be financially successful, it is important to cut unnecessary expenses and prioritize your needs over your wants. There are various apps to manage your household budget if used with mindfulness. One such app is EveryDollar. This app offers a zero-based budgeting framework that’s simpler. Start with the free version of EveryDollar. You don’t have to sync accounts, but rather manually enter incoming and outgoing money throughout the month. You can also categorize l set reminders to make bill payments.

By doing this, you can save money and use it for more important things like investing or paying off debt. Additionally, by understanding the difference between needs and wants, you can make better decisions about how you spend your money. With a little bit of effort, you can start cutting unnecessary expenses and start building a better financial future for yourself!

3) Shop Smart & Take Advantage of Discounts & Coupons

Shopping smart and taking advantage of discounts and coupons is a great way to save money on your purchases. With the ever-increasing cost of living, it’s important to be mindful of how much you’re spending. Discounts and coupons can help you get the items you need at a fraction of their original price, allowing you to stretch your budget further. Certain apps like Dosh are created as the fastest-growing card-linked offer platform that automatically puts cash into the wallets of millions of consumers whenever they shop, dine, and book hotels. Dosh is automatic cash back. Download the Dosh app and link your cards, or check if your favourite way to pay offers a cash-back experience powered by Dosh.
Whether you are shopping online or in-store, there are numerous ways to take advantage of discounts and coupons. You can search for deals online, use store loyalty programs or sign up for email newsletters that offer exclusive discounts and coupon codes. You can also look out for special sales events like Black Friday or Cyber Monday where stores offer big discounts on their products. By taking the time to shop smart and take advantage of these offers, you can save a significant amount on your purchases.

4) Automate Your Savings with Apps & Invest in Low-Risk Options

Are you looking for an easy way to save money and invest in low-risk options? Automating your savings with apps is a great way to make sure that you are putting away a set amount of money each month. You can also use these apps to invest in low-risk options such as bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs. By automating your savings, you can ensure that you are consistently investing and building up your wealth over time. Automatic savings apps like Acorns can cure habits of stashing money away for the tough days by automatically doing that as you are spending. Acorns is a hybrid platform that not only helps its users save money but make money, too.

The true concept of “spare change” is digitized by Acorns in a highly discreet way. For every transaction a user makes through Acorns, the app rounds the amount up to the nearest dollar, putting away the “spare change” in savings. The app then does something amazing – it invests this money into low-cost ETFs. This is what makes Acorns a popular app. Its savings-investments hybrid model helps its users dabble into the financial trade market in a controlled manner, eliminating the risks.

5) Turn off notifications that want you to spend money

Your smartphone can be a powerful tool in helping you save but it can also be a big source of temptation to spend also. Promotional emails by companies and app notifications — including those announcing big deals and discounts — can persuade you to buy a product you might otherwise have skipped. Make sure you unsubscribe from those lists and disable the notifications.

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