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5 Ways to Dress for Slim Look To Look Your Best !

To look slim and gorgeous is every woman’s dream!

There are several ways through which you can dress up for a slimmer look. While searching for such ways I came across these interesting one which I want to share with my readers-

  1. Avoid wide and broad belts if you have a large waist. If you have nice legs, go in for a knee length skirt with a basic shirt to bring more attention to the legs.
  2. For the top-heavy women, always avoid clingy fabrics on the top area. Dark colours will be the better choice for you. You can go in for thin materials like cotton or cotton jersey. The one way to look slim would definitely be the use of one-colour dressing
  3. Avoid shiny fabrics in loud colours. These reflect light and thus will make you appear larger.
  4. Choose garments with vertical lines. This is one of the great ways to look slim. The use of vertical lines also elongates and slims down the body by adding height to it. Horizontal lines add width to the body, so avoid these in any form.
  5. To give thin looks to your arm wear skinny or slim bangles and bracelet styled watch.


Charu Mehrotra
Promoting Excellence in Women!



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  1. Amar Bedi

    How about eating less and working the backside off….. That will help rather than trying all these dresses……

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