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7 Career Options for Women that Didn’t Exist a Decade Ago

Womenlines takes pleasure to welcome Amelia Evans as a guest contributor at Womenlines. Amelia works as a content manager for various international brands. In her interesting sharing with Womenlines Amelia is sharing some career options which are quite new to womenfolk-

 Careers are very important in the profession and industry, as they define what your skill in academics is, as well as other aspects. It is also possible for one to have more than one career at a go, either in their line of work or academic journey. Over the years, men have been known to have more careers than women, or alternatively undertaken more careers. As technology advanced and reshaped, more career opportunities were able to open up for women who were mainly confined to certain jobs such as clerks. Equal opportunity to work was hence brought up. In this article, we tackle 7 career options for women that didn’t exist a decade ago, which can be listed as follows:


1. Application developer

 Although still dominated by men, most women in the modern generation have started undertaking this career option for jobs such as creating mobile and computer applications.


 2. Airline engineer

 Engineering jobs, especially in the aviation sector was always known to be a male job, however, this narrative gradually changed over the years. More and more women grew to undertake this as a career and there are even those who have been employed in the sector.


3. Social media manager

 Social media has been able to grow over the years, since back then, when there was only Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. Currently one can get a career option to work as a social media manager, whose role is to control and manage content within social media.


4. Large Data Analyst

 This is a job that involves mining and analysis of data especially in companies which store large volumes of data. Most organizations nowadays have a lot of data and information online and hence the need for an analyst position. This started as a male career but is now also being undertaken by women likewise.


5. Cloud Computing Specialist

 With the growing technology where plenty of data and information is stored in the cloud, the position of a cloud computing expert had to emerge. Cloud computing is also a revolution that has rapidly grown over the years and women have also embraced this as a career. Most big companies also look for such positions.


6. Sustainability manager

 With the growing interest and concerns with green professions as well as sustainability, most companies seek for people who can help them use their resources better. Women, besides men, have also rapidly taken up on this career.


7. Consultants

 Individuals or organizations likewise seek advice on certain matters regarding business, means of work, among other factors. Most ladies have also taken this up as a career even if it started as a male-dominated career.


Despite most women still earning less than men, it is still evident that women have gradually taken up careers that were mostly dominated by men. Nowadays more women seem to get more education and empowerment as compared to men. Women will also tend to work harder in school and even get higher grades. According to studies, women are also more consistent in giving.


Amelia Evans is a freelance writer and works as a content manager for various international brands. When Amelia is not researching and writing she loves nothing more than heading out into the country for some downtime.
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