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A Smart Defense, to Fight Cancer

Yafot wellness in Singapore is offering Homeopathic consultancy under Dr Charuta Deshpande, who is having an incredible experience and knowledge, which she wants to use by helping out people suffering from various illnesses especially in a holistic way. Book a free consultation with Dr Charuta Deshpande at Yafot Wellness to have an understanding of how homoeopathic way of treatment can be helpful to you. As an Influencer at Womenlines panel, Dr Charuta is sharing an insightful article on the importance of strong immune system to fight Cancer-

  The vitality of our Immune response

Magic bullet! is what I call it. It’s amazing how our defence (immune) system can recognize and defend against dangerous foreign agents, called pathogens – viruses, bacteria, parasites. Human immunity primarily defends the organism from pathogens and attacks when necessary. When our healthy immune system fails, that’s when cancer and many other illnesses develop. Thus, an effective, well-functioning immunity is what determines health.

Normal body processes like wound healing, cell growth and multiplication, good sleep, metabolic processes like digestion, respiration and importantly mental-emotional balance is a function of our healthy immune responses in coordination with the neuro (nervous) – endocrine (hormonal) systems. When this Army – immune system; which is alert at all times —- gets distracted, goes to sleep or acts crazy – that’s when we manifest a disease. The suboptimal immune function has been found to be a primary cause in attracting various diseases, from chronic allergies to cancers, autoimmune disorders, psychosomatic disorders and mental health disturbances.

Many are being diagnosed with cancer, the remaining have some dear one affected by it. With the growing incidence of cancer, the success rate of beating Cancer medically and otherwise is growing too. All said and done, it’s high time that we start talking about ‘Preventing Cancer’. Cancer is an outcome when our immune system fails to recognize the abnormally growing cells of the body. Hence preserving a healthy functioning immunity is the full proof way to prevent cancer.

5 RED FLAGS that indicate a low functioning immune system:

  1. Feeling of tiredness (fatigue) or loss of enthusiasm continuously for more than 3weeks when you are sleeping considerably well, eating well and not overly stressed or more than 6weeks when under a stressful situation.
  2. Recurrent allergic/ viral/bacterial infections – falling sick recurrently with or without exposure to the source of infection.
  3. Taking more time than normal to recover from an acute illness – like viral flu’s, tonsillitis, throat infections, gastric or respiratory upsets.
  4. Suffering from a chronic illness for many years and taking some form of continuous treatment.
  5. Any significant change in your sleep cycles, appetite, energy levels, bowel movements and if that continues for more than 3weeks even after the stressful event has passed away.

3 reasons, that can lower your IMMUNITY:

  1. Chronic stress – anything that makes you feel on the edge, upset, frustrated, exhausted and anxious for 4-5 weeks or more
  2. Sudden or Prolonged emotions of fear, shock, grief, financial loss, harm, deception and insecurity
  3. Disturbed sleep or Insomnia, inappropriate wake and sleep cycles, delayed meal times, excessive physical or mental exertion

If you are reading this article and you feel you might want to discuss how to get back your healthy immunity, please feel free to drop a WhatsApp message at +65 86726918 or email at charutadeshpande@outlook.com

Stay tuned to Womenlines, next month Dr Charuta will share about how Homeopathic remedies can help to boost your immune responses naturally without any side effects in the upcoming article ‘Homeopathic remedies: an effective way to boost you Immunity’


Dr Charuta is an M.D in Homoeopathy (Mumbai, India), a certified Counselor (Mumbai), Autism expert and a Speaker. Having 6 years of practice, experience, she specializes in Psychosomatic i.e. stress-related and emotional and psychological disorders.


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