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An Entrepreneur’s Guide To Improving Your Company Website

entrepreneur's guide to improve website


Want your company website to generate more leads? Here are just a few golden tips on how to improve your website in order to convert more customers.

Improve your site’s loading speed

Many of us are put off by a slow loading webpage. In fact, 40% of people will abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Web page speed can also affect your search engine rankings – if a page loads slowly, it likely won’t rank very highly.

What makes a website load slowly? There can be a variety of different causes. It could be that the webpage has lots of high resolution images that need to be optimised. Alternatively, there could be flash media, too many ads or lots of embedded videos. It may even be that you’re using a slow hosting provider – migrating to a faster hosting provider could be the solution.

Make good use of CTA buttons

CTA (call-to-action) buttons are a great way to improve leads. These could include buttons that call your phone number, buttons that take visitors to a sign-up form or buttons that put a product in the shopping basket.

In order to make CTA buttons, they need to be placed on the right pages and designed to look ‘clickable’. By doing your research online into tools you can find the best click testing tool and work out ways to optimize your CTA buttons so that they get more clicks. Many companies use A/B testing in order to test out two different variations of the same button to work out which is more effective.

Use professional images

Any images on your site need to be professional. This is particularly the case with product photos. If you’re not a professional photographer yourself, make sure to hire a professional photographer to take photos for you.

You can use stock images instead of taking your own photos, but you should avoid generic stock images – as these could make your website look boring and amateurish. You’ll often have to pay for unique stock photos as free photos are likely to be overused.

Use infographics and videos

Infographics and videos are a great way to make your website more visually attractive. They can also be great ways of explaining information in a way that’s easy to understand.

When making infographics, hire graphic designers to make them for you. When creating explainer videos, consider hiring a professional video production company or animator to help you. This will ensure that your infographics and videos are professional.

Start a blog

Starting a blog on your website can have lots of benefits. Blog posts could be an extra way of attracting visitors and potential leads. Blogging can also be good for your search engine rankings. Finally, it’s a chance to show off your expertise and potentially win over customers’ trust.

WordPress is the most common blogging tool – you can add this to your website. Make sure to post content regularly and to keep it relevant to your business.

Show off your achievements

You can also convert more leads with your website by showing off your business achievements. This could include displaying badges of awards or qualifications you’ve earned, displaying glowing testimonials or providing case studies of notable customers you’ve worked with.

If you’re a new company with a few achievements to show off, consider looking into local startup awards. Make sure to also encourage testimonials by asking every happy customer you work with to write a review.

Make the payment process painless

Don’t let customers be put off at the final hurdle. If you own an ecommerce site that allows customers to pay directly through your website, it’s important that the payment process is simple and straightforward, otherwise customers may get frustrated and give up.

Ideally, the payment process should be no more than three pages long and you should offer a progress bar to let customers know how close they are to completing the purchase. Allow customers to check out without  creating an account – as much as you may want to encourage return customers, not everyone will have the time to create an account. Make sure that you offer a good range of payment options. For potentially large purchases, it could be worth allowing credit card or offering installment schemes/third-party finance.

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