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Art of Healthy Eating

Health is the real wealth and to manage this wealth Naturopathy can play important role in our life. Lady of the house is considered the pillar of a family and to make her family healthy she herself has to be healthy and happy. To help womenfolk to achieve excellence in health Womenlines is committed to creating awareness. It is such a pleasure to introduce  Saravanan Naturopathic Physicians as an Influencer for Naturopathy on Womenlines panel. This month Dr Saravanan Naturopath is giving tips on the art of healthy eating-

All kinds of stuff simply get passed on as food today. Many consumable products are edible but most are devoid of any nutritional benefits. Eating such foods is like a mechanistically loading and unloading of stuff in and out of your body. Unfortunately, these foods contain too many artificial flavours and colours, excessive sugars, preservatives, stabilizers, drugs and toxic minerals that I wonder how anyone could continue living after eating them. It is not a matter of identifying the number of toxins deemed to be safe for our body, but avoiding all forms of toxins in our body system.

During a taxi ride, I talked about food to the driver and he told me that Singaporeans do not need embalming when they die. They have so many chemicals and preservatives from all the processed foods they eat that the body will not decompose easily. While this might sound rather exaggerated, I must say that the taxi driver did have somewhat of a valid point.

The next thing we will need to understand is the difference between whole foods and dead foods-

We should eat whole living foods. Such foods exist in their natural or close to their natural state. Living foods are vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts and seeds. They are ideally organic. Natural whole foods are healthy, full of energy, alive and robust. You could easily recognize them as food.
Dead foods are consumables that have been altered in every possible way. They can last longer and do not degenerate at room temperature. They contain lots of chemicals and they may be genetically modified. They are prepared in hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils. Manufacturers also add considerable amounts of sugar and process these foods at very high temperatures. Dead foods strain the digestive system and the liver. Prolonged abuse will compromise your immunity and this starts a vicious cycle of diseases like diabetes, cancer, arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, skin problems, obesity, anxiety and depression, just to name a few.
Whole natural foods promote life while dead foods lead to mortality. Whole foods have natural enzymes, vitamins, minerals, fibres, phytonutrients and antioxidants. They interact with the digestive enzymes and promote a healthy body, proper organ function and efficient blood circulation.

The hidden cost of being modern
I remember an incident which occurred when I was presenting the art of healthy eating. A participant interrupted me by saying that it is impossible to stop eating what is available as food now. She added that going back to the traditional diet is primitive and not keeping with modern trends. She noted that we have to be “practical”. We are all well aware of how mad cow disease came about and the recent melamine-tainted milk and foods from China. Scientists are discussing the safe levels of melamine in foods as they think that the melamine problem cannot be eradicated. It is a fact that many people have died after eating these tainted foods.

Would it be “practical” or keeping with modern trends to still eat toxic foods? Think about it!!


Article was written by Saravanan ND – Naturopathic Physician and transformational coach. At Naturopathic Therapies Clinic. www.naturopathic-therapies.com


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