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Attention Women in Leadership: Are you Living Life Without Purpose?

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How living without purpose can be dangerous for Women in Leadership? Read this article to unlock some tips to live life fully as a leader, shared by Womenlines guest influencer, leadership coach Ela Staniak Leaupepe from Australia-

You may be at risk of serious consequences if you don’t find your purpose personally and professionally

We have a duty of finding clarity in purpose and direction. Why?

Because when we are lost, out of lack of awareness, we often make decisions which affect our future irreversibly.

Our choices affect our loved ones, our friends, and our professional networks.

Not to mention that it comes close to impossible to achieve excellence in leadership and high performance without having certainty of what our final destination looks like.

I certainly learned my lessons the hard way. In the past whenever I felt like I wasn’t aligned with my decisions or actions, whenever I didn’t listen to my intuition, the outcomes I would create had no meaning. Some of those outcomes weren’t even reflecting my character. I guess some would call them mistakes. I call them lessons.

Whenever I mindlessly acted out of fear, pressure or uncertainty I often sacrificed my values. This on its own drove me to tons of self-sabotaging behaviours in my career, my health and my relationships. My life reflected one phrase for over a decade and that is “Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll!”

In my professional career, I spent over a decade studying human physiology, behavioural science, motivation, and emotional intelligence. Today, specialising in women’s leadership and performance I am privileged to listen to clients’ untold, vulnerable stories of pain, hardship, disempowerment, joy, success, fulfilment and happiness.

Now I understand those good people make mistakes, and that doesn’t make them bad people. Doing good things doesn’t make us good people either – a great phrase I heard from a fabulous friend of mine – Gary Doherty, owner of THiNK Network, TEDx Curator and TEDx Speaker.

What is the mystery behind making mistakes? Why do we do the wrong thing, knowing that it is wrong?  The key to understanding behavioural psychology is knowing that deep unconscious behavioural drivers are stronger than any logical explanation.

Values are just one type of the unconscious drivers of behaviour.

People sacrifice their values in order, to fulfil their basic human needs of certainty, variety, significance, love & connection (belonging), growth and contribution.

When we give in to the impulse, when we give our focus and intention to what feels like an invisible force which provides us with a sense of temporary power, satisfaction or it gives us a sense of relief, we are unconsciously running either towards or away from a greater motivator.

I would love to present you THREE biggest dangers of lack of purpose:


Addictions are formed when searching for greater satisfaction or when running away from deep discomfort. We are talking about emotional, psychological and physical dependencies. Computer games, cable TV, social media, drama seeking, anger, substance abuse, sex, gambling, excessive exercise, food or any form of extremism in actions.


Investing in meaningless objects provides us with temporary external happiness or an elusive sense of SIGNIFICANCE. The size of your house or the price tag attached to your car won’t ignite INTERNAL happiness. We tend to boost our confidence levels by spending


When we are lost, we revert to default emotions of anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt and with that, we resort to default behaviours – no productivity or positive outcomes are born here.

1. Invest your resources into personal development.
2. Practise vulnerability in conversations instead of hiding behind your ego
3. Find healthy fulfilling aspects of your career and personal life

Dedicate your life to finding your true passion and purpose.

Create your own destiny.

Be in charge of your results.

You are worth it.

“Your first duty is to love, honour and value yourself. Anything else comes secondary”

Much Love,

Ela Staniak L.

Ela Staniak Leaupepe– I help female CEOs, Execs & Business Owners To Double Their Work & Personal Performance in 12 weeks Through The 7 Step Self-Leadership System

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