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AWADH: The Legacy of Royal Culinary Delights from India in Singapore

Womenlines believes in promoting excellence and it is such a pleasure to promote Royal Culinary Delights straight from Northern India, in the heart of the city of Singapore. As a digital media partner Womenlines is delighted to share about a restaurant AWADH, which is all about royal dining in Orchard Road Singapore-

Foundation of Awadhi Cuisine

The celebrated history of India feels incomplete without mentioning the grandeur of Awadhi cuisine. While the elements were partially derived from the Persian inhabitants and their culinary culture, Awadhi cuisine primarily assumes an independent form, based on the preferences of the Nawabs of Lucknow, previously known as The Awadh region. From a geographical point of view, this cuisine started in the princely city of Lucknow. The provincial Nawabs were food connoisseurs and kept honing the skills of their Khansamas and Bawarchis.

The flamboyant Nawabs of Awadh were quite selective regarding the dietary elements. The major emphasis was always on the inclusion of well-marinated tender meat and vegetables, dry fruits, grains, using a combination of rare herbs and unique spices such as sandalwood and Lazzat-E-Taam, Potli Masala, to name a few. Dishes were cooked on a slow fire for hours to seal in the juices and bring forth their natural flavours.

AWADH brings Lucknow to Singapore

If you wish to savour the grandeur of authentic Lucknawi recipes, hailing from the era of Nawabs, it is time to visit AWADH, in the heart of Orchard Road, in the city of Singapore- which is known as The food paradise of South East Asia.

AWADH chefs are highly skilled and have their historical lineage backing up our claims of perfection. These professionals have grown up under the tutelage of traditional culinary experts, and from a young age have mastered complex cooking techniques such as Dum-Pukht cooking, Ghee Durust Karna, Gile Hikmat, and a hundred ways to cook meats and vegetables.

Eat Like A Royal Nawab

We recommend AWADH for their creamy soups or Shorbas, their wide range of delectable kebabs such as Galawat which melt in the mouth, a host of vegetarian options and unique desserts like Apple Jalebi, which are being introduced for the first time in Singapore, and South East Asia as such.

At AWADH, the chefs temper the dishes with aromatic herbs, spice-infused ghee, and saffron with skill and deftness, using their forefathers’ recipes which are their family heirloom.

This cuisine uses more than 100 spices, all of which are worth their weight in gold! It is a dying art, which the AWADH aims to resuscitate and popularise in the Culinary Hub of Singapore. If you are seeking multi-dimensional gastronomic experience, do consider Awadhi cuisine for its diversified vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Awadhi cuisine is poetic and fine, akin to a piece of art, which needs to be relished and appreciated in its historical glory and with its legendary tales.

AWADH is also running a Wine-O-Clock Series beginning on 17th July 2020, wherein connoisseurs would experience how fine European Wines are paired with this elegant cuisine, guided by an expert Sommelier. Do call in and make reservations for a Royal Nawabi experience with your family today.

Direct Reservation Line: (65) 6909 9971
Mobile/SMS/WhatsApp: (65) 9385 5337
Online orders: https://order.theawadh.com

176 orchard road
The Center Point
Singapore 238843

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