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Certified Career Analyst – Become a Career Counselor

About Us: Auctus Infometrics Pvt. Ltd. (Edumilestones website) is an India, (Bangalore) based company. We are providing a premium certification course called Certified Career Analyst (CCA) and International Career Analyst (ICA). Till now we have provided certification to more than 1400+ professionals and students from the field of education/psychology/training/recruitment across 80 locations in India and abroad for over 10 years. We are official members of APCDA and IAAP international organizations. Our team consists of qualified and experienced top experts from psychology, education, design and IT, investing in extensive research and development.

  1. Do you want to re-start your career on your own?

  2. Have you always thought of doing something in the education field and contribute meaningfully?

  3. Do you think you are good at listening and an understanding person?

  4. Are you a quick learner?

 Women possess these qualities of being a counsellor naturally, then why not make it a profession?

Get trained and become a Certified Career Analyst. The course has been designed to learn applied career counselling using most advanced scientific tool & analysis. It provides accurate and most reliable ways to analyze and deliver career counselling effectively to students and professionals.

Course Outline: 

  • 20+ Hrs of Career Analysis & Career Counselling Learning.

  • Live instructor-led online training program. Face to face training is possible in some cities.

  • Conceptual & practical knowledge through case studies, scenarios analysis & counselling delivery.

  • Overview of the career Assessment tool and digital counselling platform

  • Become Certified Career Analyst and/or International Career Analyst

  • Get certified and empanelled under the elite community of career counsellors global network and always stay updated

Course Takeaways:

  • Start your own career counselling business using the latest technologies.

  • Provide report analysis and career counselling to professionals, graduates & students scientifically.

  • Boost your online visibility, – increase your reach, multiply earnings and attract candidates by putting your brand in front of candidates.

  • Start your practice from home/office right away.


3 days for theory and 1 month of practical and supervision sessions

Terms & Conditions:

One has to meet at least one of the following requirements:

• Have a bachelor’s (or equivalent) degree in any specialization
• Have four years of qualified, professional work experience, or
• Have a combination of work and college experience that totals at least four years

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