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Believe in the Power of the Spoken Words

power of the spoken words

Why do words have power? What does it mean to be your word?

Womenlines takes pleasure to share a very insightful article on believing in the power the spoken words, by guest contributor Leadership Coach Sally Anderson!

Commitment = Results, wherever the results are being produced in our lives in a function of our current commitment – so if you are not producing results in the area you say you are committed then I am here to tell you that you are NOT committed – this realisation can land like a cup of cold sick! BUT, BUT, BUT, this can change in a heartbeat if you are willing to do what it takes to be committed!

So what is the number#1 most underrated accelerator for producing guaranteed results you may ask? Drum roll, please! Being your word. You would be amazed at the number of people who do not realise how important ‘being their word’ is to produce the results that you want in your life! Often we are our word to other people more than we are to ourselves. This applies both personally and professionally. What is that about? Are they worth it more than you are? We also do our version of our word and sell out to excuses or justification. This comes with the human territory!

In Business here are the top 10 key areas where NOT being our word impacts our performance:

  1. We do not meet the sales target by the date we said we would
  2. We dishonour KPIs set, operationally and financially
  3. We show up late for meetings
  4. We show up late for work
  5. We sabotage our time management by not honouring commitments in our diary
  6. We pay lip service to our project plan
  7. We use excuses as to why we do not have time to manage to plan
  8. We agree to do something for our direct reports/boss/staff and don’t to it
  9. We do not honour agreed actions points assigned to us from minutes from meetings we have attended
  10. Life happens, we know we will not be able to meet agreed deadlines and yet we do not contact said person to renegotiate the timeline

I could easily keep adding to this but you get the list.

In our personal lives here are the top 10 areas where NOT being our word impacts our performance:-

  1. We hit the snooze button and dishonour our commitment to our daily exercise
  2. We sabotage our diet/food regime
  3. We do not follow through with honouring our commitment to meditating daily or whatever our other morning practices are
  4. We are constantly late
  5. We say we are too busy to manage our time
  6. We do not honour our personal goals
  7. We do not look after our wellbeing and sell out to being too tired, lack energy
  8. We hang out in confusion about what we are passionate about
  9. We do not take time out when we said we would take that holiday or sabbatical
  10. We manifest illness because we have not looked after our personal boundaries

Again I could easily add to this list.

Transformation folks are simple, we complicate the hell out of it! If you want to transform the results you produce in your life ‘like yesterday’, I am here to tell you to look no further than transforming your relationship with YOUR SPOKEN WORD!

Here are 10 immediate actions you could take in the next 30 days if producing exponential results are what you are interested in:-

  1. Be on time for EVERYTHING
  2. Honour your morning rituals/practices like your life depended on it – meditation being the MOST important – honouring morning practices is the NUMBER#1 success strategy of every successful person on the planet
  3. Look after your wellbeing, honouring the vessel – stop selling out
  4. Learn to say NO more
  5. Form a new relationship with your diary
  6. Respect your plan no matter what
  7. Do whatever it takes and I mean whatever it takes to meet target/all KPIs
  8. Spend more time focusing on actions that make you feel uncomfortable, resistant and confronted
  9. No tolerance for drama – turn within
  10. Ask for help, allow contribution, make requests DAILY

AND no tolerance for selling out to the main relinquishment buckets that human beings love selling out to:

  • I do not have enough time
  • I do not have enough energy
  • I do not have enough money
  • I do not know how
  • Manifesting illness

Those who are COMMITTED find the time, generate themselves, find the money, work out the how and look after their well being knowing that to go the distance at the speed with which they want to go starts and ends with being fuelled up!

I GUARANTEE if you focused on the importance of your spoken word in the next 30 days you would experience a month unlike no other!

Food for thought today!

Leadership Coach to let go negative affirmations
Sally Anderson

Sally Anderson

Leadership Coach To The Influencers


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