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Benefits of Following a Plant Based Diet

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Womenlines takes pleasure to welcome guest contributor Anna Wojtkowska, Plant Based Diet Educator, Founder of LivingveggiebyAnia, at Womenlines panel.Listen to her insightful sharing in the video above about importance of plant based diet.

LivingveggiebyAnia promotes a healthy lifestyle via healthy eating. Providing education on plant-based foods and diets through seminars, workshops and hands-on cooking courses. With easy to follow cooking courses, demonstrations, catering and events we want to spread the message that vegan food is not only healthy but also tasty and easy to prepare.

Originally from Poland, Ania has been living in Singapore for the past nine years. In 2017 she began her journey to developed and expand the awareness of healthy eating and plant-based diets. To promote her aims she launched her company – LivingveggiebyAnia. She is also working with the restaurants helping them to develop plant-based menuShe graduated from Cornell’s Plant-Based Nutrition by Dr Colin Campbell and Plant-based nutrition from Winchester University (UK) and attended numerous cookery schools across Asia.She uses her nutritional knowledge in practical terms, with – cooking classes, dining events, restaurant consultations, and workshops, where she promotes the connection between diet and wellbeing.

Ania wants to spread the message that vegan food is not only healthy but tasty, easy to prepare and can change the quality of our life.

I am a BIG foodie! I am passionate about everything food related. Whether its cooking, shopping for food, eating it or the nutritional science behind it. The link between our diet and our health particularly fascinates me To follow my passion I launched LivingveggiebyAnia – a one stop solution for people  who want to improve their diet to a healthier one. With easy to follow cooking courses both online and physical (catering for individuals and organisations), weight loss programs , and nutritional workshops the aim is to spread the message that vegan food is not only healthy but also tasty and easy to prepare. I am certified in Plant Based Nutrition by Cornell University in US and Winchester University in UK. This knowledge helps me to guide you towards your healthy diet, and to design nutritionally balanced recipes which facilitates weight loss in a sustainable way. Discovering new cuisines is fun so we have developed plant based and gluten free versions of many national classics, from the likes of  – from Persia, Singapore, Middle East, Georgia etc. These offer proof that healthy food can be still exciting and delicious.

I hope my passion about healthy eating is contagious and would love to see you at one of my events, so that you can also get ‘infected’ with the idea of healthy and delicious food.Your health starts on the plate, let me show you what to put on it, and most importantly what not to.


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