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Best Colors To Choose for Apparel Merchandise

Apparel Merchandise

Color is an essential aspect of design, especially when creating custom clothing for sale. Discover which colors of apparel merchandise you should offer. You’ll need to decide which colours to provide if you’re planning to sell apparel and accessories as part of your business’s merchandise. With so many colour options to choose from when placing a merchandise order, you might feel overwhelmed by the selection. Here are some of the best colors to start with when it comes to designing apparel merchandise.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are some of the best options to start with when designing a line of apparel or accessories. Options such as black, white, navy blue, gray, and tan are excellent base colors because they appeal to a wide range of customers. Despite their simplicity, items in these hues make for excellent base layers for any outfit. Neutral colors are also smart choices for accessories such as hats, belts, shoes, and more.

Exciting Colors

Once you stock a supply of go-to neutral options, you may want to expand your horizons to apparel and accessory options outside these bounds. Using bright tones in your apparel lineup also allows you to explore color psychology and market your merchandise in new ways. For example, red and yellow traditionally promote feelings of excitement and motivation. On the other hand, greens and purples promote peace, tranquillity, and trust. You can use these examples of color psychology while designing your merchandise for certain events and to appeal to unique audiences.

Familiar Brand Colors

Choosing the right colors for your apparel merchandise is also important for maintaining brand consistency. Wearing and selling clothing and accessories in your brand’s colors is one way to promote brand consistency in retail stores. You can even order branded apparel for your employees to wear as a uniform. Brand consistency is crucial for traditional retailers, but it’s also beneficial to use marketing strategies like these to boost your consistency and recognition as an online seller.

Choosing Print Colors

If you plan to print your brand’s logo, slogans, or other designs on your apparel and accessories, it’s also necessary to carefully consider which colors you use within the design. Choose bold prints that will stand out against the main color of your merchandise. Choose a print that is opposite in value to make it fully readable, ensuring it will deliver your message or market your brand.

Whether you run a clothing boutique or an online store, you want to fascinate customers with your brand’s selection of styles and colors. No matter what type of business you’re trying to promote, carefully choosing apparel options is crucial to producing high-quality merchandise. Remember these examples of the best colors to choose for your branded merchandise.

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