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Bizway is an international Online Presence Platform (OPP) Business Talk Show with a key objective to foster beyond and enable entrepreneurs to grow into the future. Bizway initiative is by Womenlines , an online magazine and Solworxs, a business service company from India.

Business Talk Show

What is OPP?

Online presence platform is a service which is offered by the Bizway team to facilitate business to join an online show and create the marketable content from the online show which is later made available at various branded digital pages like Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc… and online magazine Womenlines for 24*7 digital presence on the content online.

How does Bizway work?

Business needs to register for the platform and needs to take the relevant briefing to get ready for presence online. The briefing will be of two stages one on the basic mentoring that helps business to understand the key pointers to highlight and the later stage is personal branding related to present well for the online session.

Why only Bizway platform?

Business needs constant marketing of the products on the internet and this platform is the best way to maximize the online presence with content from the live show with the business owner to get him/her the maximum visibility. The Bizway team help with the much-required briefing for the business to help them present a superb online performance making absolute marketing activity. Write to urbizway@gmail.com to share your wow story right now!

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