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You Cannot Ignore 5 Takeaways From Book ‘Thrive’ by Arianna Huffington

Books are best friends and it is such a true saying!

Friends give you company, you have fun with them, and they make you mindful of things which you are not paying attention.Same goes for books. It is fun reading books, books give you company and certain books alert you to certain aspects of life which might be getting ignored by you. ‘Thrive’ by  Arianna Huffington is one of those books which can awaken the sleeping humane element within you. My best takeaways from reading this book-

  1. ” Being connected in a shallow way to the entire world can prevent us from deeply connected to those who are closely connected to us- including ourselves. And that is where wisdom is found”
  2. “Question is how quickly can we get back to that centred place of wisdom, harmony, and strength. It’s in this sacred place that life is transformed from a struggle to grace”
  3. “Technology allows us to be so hyperconnected with the outside world that we can lose connection to our inner world.”
  4. Mindfulness, yoga, prayer meditation, and contemplation aren’t just tools reserved for retreats over long weekend anymore, they are the ultimate performance enhancers.”
  5. “Countless things in our daily lives can awaken the almost constant state of wonder we knew as children. But sometimes to see them we must look through a different set of eyes. The triggers are there. But are we present enough to experience them.”

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