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Bouncing Back After Maternity

Content Sponsor Edumilestones is an India, (Bangalore) based company. They provide a premium career assessment platform and career counselling certification courses named Certified Career Analyst (CCA) and Certified Counselor for International Studies (CCIS) to over 1400+ professionals across 80 locations in India and abroad for over 10 years. They are official members of APCDA and IAAP international organizations. Their team consists of qualified and experienced top experts from psychology, education, design and IT, investing in extensive research and development. This month author Fatema M is sharing great insights about how to bounce back in career after maternity-

Maternity and work!! Both these important phases of a woman’s life are challenging yet beautiful. From a working woman to a magnificent journey of motherhood, it is not an easy highway. But, with some mindful planning, this stress can be relieved.

According to a study by the World Bank in collaboration with the National Sample Survey Organisation, about 20 million Indian women left jobs between 2004-12, of them, as high as 65-70 per cent never returned to work. New moms are filled with emotions, leaving their child at daycare or in the care of someone else would really be heart-wrenching.

How to overcome this loss of workforce? Here are a few simple things which can be adopted & implemented by companies that would benefit new moms: –

  1. Flexibility: Not every woman can do a 9-5 job. Keeping in mind they have to take care of their children also, the work environment should be made flexible so that women can take care of their children and work at the same time.

  2. Salary: Many women fear that they might not get the same pay as they used to get. This is the main reason why most women don’t start working again.

  3. Position: Let’s face it. Most women have to compromise on the position at which they last left. To start afresh seems like a gigantic task.

  4. Child welcoming environment: Heard of pet-friendly offices? Then why not a child-friendly office? Most renowned companies have welcomed babies along with a crèche service. But we need more and more such companies.

“Even after a break – long or short – women possess the ability to build a powerful profile, which mustn’t come as an excuse but as an opportunity.”

From Hilary Clinton to Michelle Obama, Hema Malini to Kareena Kapoor, Kiran Bedi to Mary Kom – these are the perfect real-life examples of women who climbed up the ladder after a career break and made a huge mark in the society. This is not just a successful journey, it speaks of immense capabilities women possess.

To all the women who still feel that it is tough to get a job after a career break, it is far from the truth. A strong urge, positive mind-set and flexibility in approach are the essential tenets for taking up any assignment and succeeding at will.

Few companies which help women after a career break:

  1. Werk is an online platform that connects mothers to the workplace.

  2. Caribu is a video-calling app designed with children in mind.

  3. Jobsforher connects women looking to restart their career.

  4. Sheroes is the most useful & safest social networking app made exclusively for women.

  5. Edumilestones is a popular assessment platform to help women discover various career options.

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“Ambition is the first step to success. The second step is action.”

Fatema M

Ms Fatema M has been associated with counselling, psychometric assessments, training for 9 years. Currently, she handles Strategic and International partnership with counsellors and education industry at Edumilestones.


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